Monday, March 24, 2014

A Roof and a floor, part 2

I can’t tell you how many times I read and re-read this post about homelessness. The post about homelessness and how it stops me in my tracks and makes me feel like this small little being in this big world of hurt. I started it Friday night when we got home from Family Promise and then I looked it over quickly on Saturday and I finished writing it on Sunday night. Which means I read it many, many times. In reading it, I got stuck on how the words fit together, my voice, if I sounded whiney and entitled.

Then I clicked publish and put it out there for whichever part of the world it happened upon to read. Within minutes my thoughts on it changed.

If you read my About Me section, you’ll know I’m a self-described overfeeler. Or, as my husband puts it, “You aren’t the mother of the whole earth.” To which I reply, “Well, that’s up for debate.” You see, I want to take care of people. Like, all of them. I realize this makes no sense and is impossible and all of those other logical explanations, but logic and I don’t always see eye to eye.

The problem with this is that I see a problem and I get overwhelmed and over-involved and think about it too much and feel it too deeply. The emotions of it bog me down. My heart aches and I take it on in my soul. None of this is particularly useful or helpful.  It is a flaw of mine.

So, I ended the post on a confused note because it matched my emotions and I hit publish. Then, and almost immediately, I remembered a conversation I had with our pastor yesterday. It was a conversation about reading the bible and running and how they are similar in many ways. One way they intersect is that we have our whole lives to read the bible and our whole lives to run and that if we break off too much in the beginning, try to read all of Lamentations or go out and run 8 miles the first day, we are overwhelmed and burn out and get none of the benefits. How the learning and the benefit and the joy come in daily practice.

Well, I’m not rocket scientist, but I see a pattern here.

Break off a little chunk.

Do it. Make it matter.

Do it again. Make it part of your routine, your life.

Keep doing it.

Works for reading the bible and running and helping the problems of homelessness and hunger and genocide and slavery and sexual assault and, and, and you fill in the blank.

So I looked up a couple of ways I could get involved in my area and put it on my Facebook page and then a friend put up another organization and another friend chimed in and I talked to a few people about it later in the day and, gosh darn, people want to make things happen. People are aching to help and connect and ease the hurts of the world. I say, “Nike had it right. Let’s do it!”

Here are a few organizations in the Twin Cities Metro area that are working today, right now, on the huge problem of homelessness and domestic violence.

I’d love it, absolutely love it, if people would use the comment section to share links about other places in my area or wherever you are around the Midwest or the country. I’d love it if you shared how you’re going to get involved.

Let us be the little pebbles tossed in the pond that ripple out and touch the shores. Let us be a little piece of change in this beautiful, horrible world, erasing a bit of horrible and adding a touch of beautiful.


  1. Love this! You've inspired me to pull my volunteer form back out and figure out a way to get involved. It's okay to start small but I want to do something.

  2. I am going to explore Nepal Orphans Home at the suggestion of a friend. It is not local but I'm going to see if there are things I can do from a distance as I've heard good things about it. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Feeding South Dakota, Wavi House, Cornerstone Mission - South Dakota is in!