Thursday, March 13, 2014

A story and #tbt-Best conversation EVER!

Today Elliot, of big personality and happy disposition fame, threw open our front door and exclaimed, "Oooooh la la. It's springtime in Paris."

Man, I love that kid and the joy he brings to the world. He just finds joy and proclaims it and his enthusiasm begs others to join him in this fun, silly world.

Welcome springtime in Minnesota. We'd love to get reacquainted so please stick around.
TBT-Elliot style

Now, in honor of Throw Back Thursday, a blog post from way back in the day over at The Wonder Years. November 30, 2009, to be exact. My kids' conversations entertain me daily, but the conversation about road signs marking state lines is my favorite so far in 10 years of parenting. Enjoy!

Some pictures from autumn, 2009, to set the mood.

Cute kids all looking in different directions-par for the course!

Monday, November 30, 2009
Isaac loves his co-op and eagerly awaits choosing classes for next semester. Right now he takes intro to computers and ceramics, but is thinking of doing a gym class next time.
I: I really want to take ceramics again, but I'm just not sure. I mean, I think I'll have to do a lot of running in gym.
me: Yes, I think you'll run a lot.
I: Yeah, I can't really run when I'm carrying my art case.
me: Well, what do you do with your art case while you're in computer class.
I: I put it down. (still not making the connection)
me: So what could you do with your art case during gym?
Audrey: PUT IT DOWN!!
ding, ding. We have a winner.

I: When I close my eyes, I think I can see heaven.
me: Wow. What does it look like?
I: It's a big orange rock with angels on it.
me: What do the angels look like?
I: They're all white with white wings that flap like a butterfly.
A: Oooh. I wish I were an angel.
I: Me, too.
A: I don't even know where heaven is.
I: It's millions of miles away, people think.
A: people stink?
I: No. people think.
A: People sink?
me: No, some people think it is millions of miles away.
A: Oh. I can't wait to be an angel in heaven.
I: Yes, then you can bring people to heaven from their graves after they die.

And now, I present to you, The Best Conversation EVER:
Driving to MI we were explaining that traffic would get better once we got to IN. We all started looking for the sign welcoming us to IN when this doozy of a conversation transpired. Jim and I sat in front and laughed, laughed, laughed at the difference between a literal three-year-old mind and a more abstract five-year-old mind .
 I: How do the workers know where to put the IN sign?
A: There's a pole in the ground.
I: Yes, but how do they know where to put it?
A: Umm, I think there's a balloon attached to it.
I: Yes, but how do they know where to put the balloon and the pole?
A: In the ground.
I: (getting slightly annoyed) Yes, but how do they know where in the ground to put it?
A: Because there's a pole there.
I: I know that. But how do they know where to put the pole?
A: (getting exasperated at having to explain something sooo obvious so many times) IN THE GROUND.
This continued on for a few more minutes in varying forms. Meanwhile, Isaac got more and more annoyed while Audrey got more and more exasperated.
I: Yes, but how do they know where to put the sign on the pole in the ground where IN starts?
A: (thinks about it for a while.) Well, because traffic gets better.
That seemed to satisfy Isaac and Jim and I were laughing too hard to get involved. We'll have plenty more road trips to hash over that tough question.

Me: Wow, look at those gorgeous pink clouds. What do they look like to you?
I: They look like fire.
A: Yeah, they look like fire.
me: They look like pink puffy marshmallows to me.
I and A: me, too.
I: They look like the pink ocean is upside down and crashing down on us. 
A: And look at the sky over there. That is my favorite color of blue.
I: It looks like trees blowing in the wind. 

Elliot calls sweet potatoes ooh oohs because we play a game called hot potato with balls where we roll the balls back and forth as quickly as we can saying "hot potato, hot potato ooh, aaah." He associates the word potato with ooh aah. Thus him finding a sweet potato in the lazy susan brings an excited chorus of ooh oohs. Ah, the way their minds work. Mind you, it was Isaac who figured this out. Must be that he's closer to that line of thinking that this old mama is.

Isaac has never been much of a sports kid. We tried to play ball with him, but he'd toss it a few times and return to digging in the dirt, watching back lights of cars, or spying on neighbors through binoculars. While standing in our driveway. While they were in their front yard across the street. And that's why we call him Nosy Nelly. Anyways, he just wasn't interested. Until he started helping me with my fantasy football league. Now, hee is learning the rules, memorizing teams, players, records, etc. He practices catching, recovering fumbles, doing a touchdown dance, and throwing footballs any chance he gets. His uncle brought it to our attention that he just needed an intellectual "in" to the game before he would be interested enough to want to play himself. That is so classically Isaac.

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