Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday. Once upon a time, TGIF meant something to me. Now it's pretty tough to differentiate Friday from Tuesday from Saturday. Same kids, more or less school, same people who are always hungry and usually adorable and 98% hilarious.

But, it's Friday, so I decided to link up with some other bloggers for a little thing they like to call Five on Friday. Carolina Charm. The Good Life. Hello Happiness. A. Liz Adventures.

This show. I cry every week right up until I start laughing out loud and then I have to shout at my TV because they can obviously hear me and oh, how I wish I could be adopted by Zeke and Camille. I love my family and they could become Bravermans with me, but I just love those siblings. Yes, I know it's a TV show. It's just so well-written and believable and the love and support they show each other make my heart happy. The characters are multi-dimensional and make mistakes often and there is no clear-cut good guy/bad guy. They're all just people in a family doing the best they can. But they're much cuter than most people because it's on TV and TV is famous for pretty people.

I found out that my friend, Joy, didn't watch Parenthood if her husband was working or out of town, but instead saved it so they could watch together for a date night. (side note: remember when date nights involved getting dressed up and leaving the house in a car to go someplace that fed you and entertained you? No? Me neither.) I asked Jim if he wanted me to do the same, assuming (hoping) he'd say no. He said yes. We're currently two weeks behind and I am a little sick inside.

March Madness.
Like the rest of the country, we'll be watching a little basketball this weekend, ruing the day that Dayton beat Ohio State and ruined all three kids' chances at a Billion Dollars, courtesy of Warren Buffet. Now how the heck are we supposed to pay for college?

Last night I sat on the couch with Isaac, wrapped up like little caterpillars in a cocoon in our big, thick blanket, and watched 30 minutes before bed. "Look at how much room they give them on the perimeter, but then when they throw it into the paint they just swarm." "Will you rub my back?" "Did you see how small that burger looked in Lebron James' hand? He's huge!" Dang, I love that 10-year-old.

Young Living Essential Oils.
I know very little about essential oils. I don't know how or why they work. I don't sell them. But I'm pretty sure I love them. Asher has many, many great qualities. The smile that crinkles his big cheeks so big that his eyes disappear. The big belly laugh. The way his whole body shudders and he reaches up for me with the glow of love in his eyes when he hasn't me for those 33 seconds it took me to go to the bathroom. The growing relationships that he has with his siblings. He's so fantastic and if you've met him you love him and if you haven't, take my word for it. Awesome baby.

All that to say, sleeping isn't his strong suit. I mentioned it in passing and my friend said lavender essential oils and my other friend dropped by with a sample and that night he slept for seven straight hours. Now I'm waiting for my first vial to arrive and placing all of my get baby to sleep better eggs in one sweet smelling basket. Please? Work a little?

Spring running.
While I consider last Saturday's half marathon a smashing success, there is no doubt that I was wildly undertrained. And I didn't like that. I didn't like knowing I couldn't do my best and having only myself to blame. Well, I blame my husband and his travel schedule a bit, too. But, it's spring and the BOB stroller is ready to roll. The bike tires are waiting to be pumped up so I can load up a slew of small humans and take advantage of clear paths, sunshine, and warmer weather. Of course it will snow again, but it will also melt again. Let's do this spring running!

Winter means big clunker boots, Danskos, and any other variety of waterproof shoes one might have. I saw a little neighbor girl out in her jelly shoes today and while I applaud her optimism, I'm not ready to take that plunge just yet. Mostly because I like to feel my toes. Along with spring running, I'm looking forward to busting out my Chucks. I have had a red pair for a few years and for Christmas I got a gray pair with some obnoxious neon shoelaces that make me smile. They're so ugly they're cute. They're shoes only a mother could love. Or something like that. But I love them.

Happy Friday!

Added bonus because I'm feeling randy and because this doesn't really fit in anywhere but I've been thinking on it for a few days and my heart is heavy with it, my mama heart is burdened with just the thought of it so I can't imagine how her mama heart deals with the real life reality of it every day. I'd love for more people to read it.

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  1. I don't have YL oils, we use doTerra, but have been very please. LOVE, love Parenthood!!!! I agree...running makes every spring better!!!!