Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I absolutely cannot wait for summer because. . .

I want to drink in blue sky and green grass and early sunrises by the bucketfuls.
I want to take Asher to the beach for the first time, watching him splash in the shallow water, eat sand, stare in amazement at the hustle and bustle around him.

I want open windows and warm breezes, fresh air breathed deep and the smell of sunshine pervading every inch of our home.

I want to watch my kids swing so high their feet touch the sky.

I want to run, fast and free, down a path clear of snow and ice and puddles.

I want blankets spread out on green grass for picnics, then book reading, then cloud gazing, always imagination growing.
elliot on his pillow, my pregnant asher tummy
I want bike rides after dinner and balls tossed at the park, tents pitched in backyards and road trips to the Black Hills.
backyard camping
I want mango pancakes for breakfast on the patio at Carol's.

I want peaches grilled and margaritas cold.

I want laughter echoing across the pond in our backyard.

I want to watch my kids make up hilarious games in the backyard.
last year's invented game: sprinkle ball
I want car windows down, music loud, singing voice louder.

I want kids with swimsuit tan lines and hair streaked blonde from hours outside.

I want Vitamin D. Although at this point I think that falls under the need category.

I want to see earth transformed from the death of winter to the life of summer, from white and gray to a color-filled feast for our eyes.
Tomorrow is the astronomical first day of spring clearing the way for summer. Come on, March 20, don't fail me now.

Today I'm linking up with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between, who are also busy looking forward to summer!

I started out today sleep-deprived and cranky, but just the thought of summer gave me a nice little pick-me-up, so I can only imagine the effect that actual green grass and sunshine will have on me.

So, tell me, what are you looking forward to this summer? All of it, is a perfectly acceptable answer. All of it and I'll even gladly sign up to donate all of my blood to the Minnesota Mosquito Blood Bank.


  1. Going out to my car and actually just getting in and going....vs today's routine, put boots on, scrape, brush, start vehicle. Go back into the house, warm up, change shoes, bundle back up....then leave.

    Warm sunlight in the morning and the sound of the lawnmower would even welcome at this point.

  2. now i just want to roll my windows down and go for a bike ride. man that sounds divine!

  3. I want early sunrises for morning runs. I want warm sunshine to soak in while I sit on my porch with coffee and a book before the kids wake up. I want warm soil to stick my fingers in and plant my garden. I want barefoot and flip flop weather so I can quit washing and pairing so many socks. I want to throw tennis balls and frisbees to my dog until she tires of chasing and retrieving them. I want to go camping and talk about the important stuff with my kids while we work our way through entire packages of marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers. I want to swim with the kids and watch AJ's confidence in the water grow. I want to pick mint from my garden and make mojitos to enjoy on the deck with my friends. I could go on....

  4. I'm waiting for summer daycare...seeing all of those bright faces. Bright faces looking forward to field trips, swimming trips, devotions, movies, and playing outside. I'm looking forward to seeing my dear goddaughter and her family when they come to the Black Hills. There is so much bike riding to be done, beautiful sunrises and sunsets...reunions to celebrate my sister's birthday and for all of the family to meet Jon's daughter! Grilling outside...camping much.

  5. I am looking forward to mountain hikes with my husband and two dogs and a week-long visit from my grandchildren. I am also looking forward to returning to Minnesota to spend time with my family.

  6. Oooh, there is so much to look forward to with summer! I love all of your ideas. Now we just need summer, or really spring, to cooperate with our great plans.