Friday, March 28, 2014

The advice I'm taking today.

It's been a heavy week here at Big Love. Epic Fail. I wrote about homelessness here and again here after some wonderful and challenging conversations and reflections. I wrote about how we handle life's difficulties here. And yesterday I wrote about World Vision's hiring policy controversy. I dedicated a lot of words to a lot of difficult topics.

Not today. Today I'm going to take the simple advice of my 10-year-old son.

Yesterday it snowed. The big, thick, angelic snowflakes that swallow the sky. The kind that make you notice their beauty even though you're angry that it's snowing again and spring feels a million days away. Maybe a zillion.

The kids watched it out of the sliding door in the basement. Curiosity got the better of them and they opened the door and put their hands outside. We all grabbed some black construction paper to catch the snowflakes so we could see their shape and measure how surprisingly big they actually were.

All three kids did that for a while, with many oohs and aahs and sighs of wonder. I just sat back and watched them watch the world and marvel one of its many delights. It was one of those parenting moments where nothing big happens, but it feels important. Like a lesson is being learned. A lesson that can't be taught, but must instead be felt from the inside.

Isaac put down the black paper and said, "I'm just going to lean over and look up. . . Oh, it's so beautiful."

And that's the advice I'm going to lean on today and tomorrow, too.

"I'm just going to lean over and look up."

For me, that means calling on God in uncertain times. It means taking risks that stretch me past my comfort zone and knowing that without big risk there is no big pay-off. It means leaning into a new adventure and assuming it will all work out just as it's meant to work out. It means Big Love. Epic Fail.

Not only will it work out, but it will be beautiful.

Wishing you a big, lovely, beautiful weekend.

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