Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrate the Little Things

Today I'm taking a minute to celebrate the little things in life that make it grand. The moments I would most certainly forget if I didn't mark them in this little corner of the internet. The moments that make me smile even when I'm feeling ridiculously, annoyingly grouchy.

Swimsuits and water gun fights in April.

Silly siblings.

Baby cankles.

Family basketball games.

Floppy hats.

Sunshine warming our pale, dry, winter skin.

Toes in grass.

Yogurt-sicles, shorts, and winter boots.

Baby plank.

Driveway obstacle courses drawn in sidewalk chalk.

Sumo wrestling with babies.



Gap-toothed smiles as bright as the sun.

These people I love so very much.

What little, beautiful moments are you celebrating today?