Monday, April 21, 2014

Don't waste Easter

Everyone was decked out in their Easter finery. Brightly colored skirts with light sweaters, floral print everywhere, bright, neon polo shirts and fancy little ties pulled out just for this special day. Easter. The church was packed, standing room only, chairs in the back hallway as people sang and prayed and the hallelujah chorus brought people to tears and we strained to hear the words read from the bible and spoken by the pastor.
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It is a powerful day for the church and its believers. The day we celebrate love winning over hate and light over darkness, the death of hatred and anger and brutality and the resurrection of forgiveness and love and beauty. It is a day that means so much more than bunnies and Cadbury eggs. It defines what we believe and who we believe in and hopefully guides who we are.

Yesterday we went to church in Michigan after spending a wonderful week road tripping, which culminated in three days with Jim's sister and her family. The pastor challenged us with three questions. I know I don't have them exactly right, but I hope I at least got the essence of them as I sat in the hallway with a squirmy, squawking, exhausted baby and tried my darndest to listen to the message.

1-Who is this man, Jesus?
2-What has he done for us?
3-What are we going to do about it?

He said we must examine the first two questions before answering the third question, but that the third question was the most important. I agree with him.

A church packed to the gills with people asking what they're going to do about this amazing man and this amazing God and more love than the world can fathom. Multiply that times all of the churches in Michigan and the upper Midwest and the country and the world.

If all of us, you and me and every last one of us, decide to get up out of our pews or folding chairs or living room recliners or dining room chairs and take what we learned about God or feel in our hearts or read in the bible or saw reflected in a loving friend, can you imagine what that would look like?

Can you even imagine?

At a minimum, Love would overwhelm. The least and the lost would be cared for. Our lives would have new, beautiful purposes. Our lives would inspire and the ripples would overwhelm the pond and the circles of love would reach beyond our wildest dreams.
Don't waste Easter. Don't waste hope, love, forgiveness, beauty, life.

Don't hold it too tightly.

Share it. Light the world on fire with it.

Happy Monday. I hope you had a beautiful and fun Easter. What's one thing you can do this week to share the love, miracle, and beauty of Easter with someone? 

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  1. That reminds me of the message that our pastor had at the last Lenten service we were at. He talked about how the mission of the church is largely to get the people from "out there" "in here" (i.e., bring people into the church). He said, what if...instead...we take the "in here" (i.e., the people of the church) and take the church "out there" to where the people are. What are we going to do about it? Sure - it's great to worship together, but wouldn't it be even greater to share what worshipping together makes us feel and empowers us to act upon with each and every person we interact with? Show love. In each interaction with each person. Somehow. Show Love.