Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Cleaning. Green Cleaning. Giveaway.

First, a story to set the spring cleaning stage.

When Jim and I met way back when I was 19 and he was 21, his childhood friend who was my new college friend told me that I'd marry Jim. So what that he was in the Air Force in Texas while I was a sophomore in Michigan? And that I was never getting married? And that he has just broken up with his long, long time girlfriend? And that I was casually dating someone else who happened to be gone for the weekend? Details, details. Jim  drove up to visit her and the night I met him I told him that since we were going to get married he should know that I don't cook, clean, or do laundry.
The night we met. 
Two days later I called him on the phone as he drove back to Texas and proposed to the man even though I didn't know his last name. He said yes. Eleven months later we were married. Young and clueless and in love and married. Wahoooooo!

All that to say that I did not bait and switch the man. I very honestly told him some of my downfalls and he married me anyway. Thank goodness! Cleaning and laundry remain two of my serious downfalls and, while I make loads of mistakes in the kitchen, I take my job as family cook pretty seriously. One out of three ain't bad, right? Right?

I keep trying to do better, but it is a constant challenge for me since I'd much rather play with the kids or read or write or run or almost anything that doesn't involve cleaning or laundry. So when a new blogger friend, Krysta, told me about a Shaklee giveaway involving environmentally friendly all-purpose and window cleaner, I jumped at the chance. Less stress on the earth. Less grime on my counters and windows. Sign me up.

One little teeny pouch of Basic H split between two spray bottles, add water, and voila, time to clean. Well, of course, there were loads of interruptions, but the kitchen got sparkly, beautiful clean and the stove didn't even have streaks on it. Score one for Shaklee.

I forgot about taking pictures of my cleaning, which is a bummer for blogging sake and for proof that I do actually clean my house sometimes sake, too. Here are a few before and afters that Krysta has shared.

I obviously liked the level of cleaning, but I also like that my house didn't smell like a big chemical reaction. I like knowing I'm cleaning without hurting the environment. I like the minimal packaging that reduces waste. I like feeling confident that my kids can dust and clean the counters without wondering what kind of chemicals they would have all over their hands.

Now you know why I like it so much. Here's your chance to win your own sample of Basic H that will make a bottle of All-Purpose cleaner and a bottle of Window cleaner. It's so simple and so perfect for Earth Day as we all consider how we can be a little easier on this beautiful home we call Earth.

Three lucky winners will be chosen. Share with a friend. Good luck!

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