Wednesday, April 2, 2014



i'm running on far too little sleep.

i'm letting jealousy of someone else's talents and beauty and strength detract from my self-worth.

i'm long on words and short on time.

i'm done with winter. the skies disagree.

i want to take a flame thrower to the laundry room.

i wonder what to do with my words. where they should land.

i'm giving myself grace to be grateful for a beautiful life while struggling with the stuff of life.

i'm doing that count my blessings, look for the good in people to get me out of my funk.

i'm treating chocolate like a straight-up food group.

i'm thankful for great people in my life.

i wish i were better at certain, important, life giving things in my life.

i don't know how to be better at it.

i'm wearing pajamas. perhaps all day.

i want a book and a blanket and two hours.

i have three kids and a baby, making my last want a laugh.

i wouldn't change it. not for anything.

life today. it'll be different tomorrow. i know. but this is life today.

What's going on with you today? 

1 comment:

  1. life today is filled with the wonder of another snow storm - wonder at the beauty yet wonder at when will it end
    loving life and finding joy in each breath that the Lord has chosen to give to me today