Monday, April 14, 2014

Yesterday. Today.

Yesterday we were fully prepared for "death by screaming baby and bored children." Twelve shockingly quiet and uneventful hours in the car** later and we arrived in Indianapolis just in time for the kids to revel in the excitement of pulling their own suitcases into the hotel room and jumping on the hotel beds before crashing for the night. Easily amused? Why, yes, they certainly are. It is such fun to watch them have such fun. 
the hotel room gets 4 thumbs up
I am not exaggerating when I say that Elliot talked about wheeling that suitcase into the hotel for one hour straight as we approached Indianapolis. "I'm so excited. No, not so excited. I'm just too excited. I'm so excited my feet feel funny. I can bend over and touch them. I'm just tooooooo excited." And on and on he went. We decided that in lieu of another vacation, we'll just put his clothes in a suitcase and let him pull it around the house. Fun times!

Today we woke up after not nearly enough sleep and headed to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It was recommended to us by a few people and, WOWZA, it did not disappoint. All six of us were highly entertained for 6 1/2 hours straight. It also coincided wonderfully with our history and science lessons right now since Audrey and Elliot just studied Shi Huangdi, the Great Wall of China, and the Terra Cotta warriors and they had an entire archeological exhibit about the warriors. We are sad we didn't go after May 10 when they have two new exhibits highlighting the Great Wall and including real Terra Cotta warriors excavated from Xian, China. Isaac is in the middle of learning about WWII and the exhibit on Anne Frank was quite chilling and brought it to life for him. There was an entire area for little people like Asher to explore textures and sights. They also had an exhibit on flight, which we are studying in science. We learned about sunken ships, animal habitats, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, and so very much more. The kids have been in bed for a while and Jim and I keep talking about it.
Standing on replicas of cannons found in the sunken remains of  Captain Kidd's ship

strike a pose

excavating terra cotta warrior pieces

putting the warriors back together

fun in the baby room

So much to see and feel and discover

None of us could pick one favorite exhibit and Elliot summed it up by saying, "My favorite? It's a tie between all of them." And Audrey said, "Tell every one of your friends that if they're ever here with their kids they should come. Or even if they don't. Most people wouldn't think of a Children's Museum without kids, but you would have had fun even without us, wouldn't you?" I probably would have, but sharing it with them was just so wonderful. Even Isaac, at the ripe old age of 10, was interested, entertained, and learning the entire day.
Mirror room selfie to see how many of us we could see

we all loved ScienceWorks

building the boat to race down the rapids

Hey, look, it's Payton Manning. :)

His engineering mind was in heaven. He sat here for at least one hour.

Audrey loved the beautiful art room

standing under the waterfall in the baby room

Yesterday was one heck of a long day in the Suburban. Today was fun from start to finish. Three cheers for time away with the people I love.
I love these people.

** Mary Pope Osborne's version of The Odyssey on audiobook was the winner of the day. The kids read some books, we listened to some music, but we had this book on for hours and they hung on every word. I highly recommend it for other people who road trip without TVs.

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