Monday, May 19, 2014

It's all good.

It's all good.

That is something I never say. It just doesn't sound right coming off of my tongue. But today I'm dropping in for a quick minute to say that it really is all good.

I have this habit of taking my life too seriously. Don't get me wrong; I laugh like crazy, complete with snorts and knee slaps. But I also overthink and freak out when things get rough. Admittedly, things have been rougher than usual around here.

The realtor's photographers are coming over today to take pictures of our house. It has been a crazy week of late nights and busy days and purging stuff and trips to storage and general craziness. Today Elliot said, "Yeah! Today is the last day of cleaning all day long." Sad, but true.

This morning we ate breakfast together so I pulled out our daily devotional that has taken a back seat to our busy schedules lately. Again, sad, but true. I flipped it to good ol' May the 19th and got this beautiful, timely reminder.

Jesus describes himself as a good shepherd, willing to lay down his life for his sheep. That's me. Shepherds protect their flocks and if one is attacked and carried away the shepherd will follow the bear or fox or lion and fight for the sheep. That's what Jesus does for me. The devotion ends like this.

God "leads us where we need to be."

It said that today like a little personal message from God. No matter if my house is perfectly perfect. (It ain't!) No matter if it goes on the market Thursday or Saturday. No matter which realtor we use. No matter.

We're going to end up right where we need to be.

See? It really is all good. Fo Shizzle!

Too much? Yeah. Too much.

It's Monday. Any glimpses of hope or words of wisdom to get you started on your week?

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