Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Impatiently, patiently waiting

Here's the thing. I really want our house to sell somewhere around yesterday. Yes. Yesterday would be lovely. My reasons are legitimate.

The showings are wearing on me. I keep losing stuff because I shove it in a drawer in a mad dash attempt at show-ready cleanliness. (Right now I'm missing my Garmin (running watch). That is not okay!) I would like to be packed up and moved before September so we don't have to interrupt our schooling in the fall. Jim and I have work to do here until the end of August, but after that there is a natural pause in our schedules that would make a fine time for a move. Showing a spotless house is exhausting with this crowd.

Therefore, I impatiently check my email for a showing request and impatiently lament the people who "need" a three-car garage and impatiently sweep AGAIN and impatiently keep my kids up past their bedtime so people can look at our house and say no.

Here's the other thing. I'm fine that our house hasn't sold. I know that God's plans for my life are bigger than anything my brain could imagine. I know that our little family will end up just where we're supposed to be when we're supposed to be there. I know that if I have these five people, fat lips and crazy faces included, with me, I can call almost any place home.

There have been so many times in my life that I thought I knew just what I needed and it didn't happen. I wallowed in my disappointment only to be blown away by what happened in my life instead. It happened when we were trying to sell our first house on Jackson Street. We had Isaac and Audrey and a picture in our minds of what our next house would look like. We found a few we liked and waited for our house to sell so we could make the move. We waited more. Then even more. We got nice and frustrated about it, too. 
Isaac's first Halloween at our house on Jackson St.-celebrating with cousins
Then, in the middle of our waiting to move, we had our tenth anniversary and a splendid little conversation about adding to our family. One month later I was pregnant with Elliot. The houses we hoped to buy would have been great for a family of four, but not what we had in mind for a family of five. If our house had sold faster, we would have ended up in the wrong house for our growing family. Instead it took eight long months and the timing was perfect. One month after the pregnancy test was positive we sold our house. 

Perfect timing. Not the timing I thought I wanted, but perfect timing nonetheless.

So, yes, there are many reasons it would be great if our house sold soon. And I get impatient waiting. But when I find myself stressing or obsessing, I remember all the times I thought I had it figured out and was wonderfully surprised by God's plan instead.

Like the time I thought our family was complete at five and got the holy moses surprise of this little fellow. That's a good, darn surprise! The best kind of surprise for our family, in fact.

So, I'll roll the dice and trust that good stuff is coming.

I'll trust that I don't know precisely what it looks like.

I'll trust that my address has less to do with my happiness and joy than the thoughts I think and the people with whom I surround myself.

I'll trust.

"Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait for God to act." Psalm 37:7

I'm working on it. It's not easy. But I'm working on it.

What about you? What are you impatiently or patiently waiting for?


  1. I am patiently and very anxiously waiting for my first day at my new job on Tuesday. I have loved being at home, gardening, cooking, taking walks, running errands and just feeling relaxed. I cannot recall the last time I had ten days off at home but gosh darn it feels good. Next week, the feeling will be much different as in scared you know what....

  2. I'm impatiently waiting to move too! I NEED to be closer to my parents now that I'm mom of two and will be going back to work. I'm ready to sell my house NOW... If only that could happen! I will be praying that your house sells soon :)