Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's my birthday-weekend edition

I never write specifically about my weekend because I never do anything exciting on weekends. ** What? You changed diapers, read books, cooked meals, watched ball, and went for a run this weekend? Fascinating. . . sounds just like every other day of your week. But this weekend was like a real, actual weekend so this is me celebrating that fact with a weekend wrap-up. whoopedy doo! And, even thought I'm 37 now, I'm fine celebrating birthdays. Maybe I'm too tired and busy to care, maybe I still feel young and vibrant, and maybe this is a freebie year since I thought I turned 37 last year. Or, most likely, a little of all of the above.

Friday night: My grandparents were here to watch Elliot's baseball game and my mom got here later in the evening so we talked and laughed together before hitting the hay.

Saturday: My mom and I got up nice and early to head to Moms on the Run. She ran intervals with the Learn to Run group and I am so proud of her. She rocked it! I was serenaded with Happy Birthday by my wonderful Moms on the Run friends. Some of them surprised me with a really generous gift. I am so thankful for that group and those women. Awesome. Every darn one of them!

Once home, we quickly showered and got ready so I could open some birthday gifts and help Audrey get ready for her dance recital. Confession time: I am hard to shop for. I hate clothes and accessories and I don't want anything new in our house because it'll only be one more thing we have to pack. Basically I'm impossible to shop for. But, Jim and the kids did great! I got a tea pot and Athleta gift card from Jim and MN Lynx tickets from the kids. My mom and Keith gave me meals from my friend and chef extraordinaire, Melanie, to get us through the craziness of having our house on the market and a busy baseball season. They also hired us a housekeeper to do a deep clean right before our house went on the market. Those gifts continue to help us and are hugely appreciated.

Back to the dance recital. This was Audrey's fifth year in dance and she did a beautiful job. She was especially happy to dance to one of my favorite songs: "Blessings" by Laura Story. Since she was dancing on my birthday, she considered it one of my birthday presents. I will cherish that always because she worked so hard and overcame some obstacles. It was a special moment in a special day.

After the dance recital the big kids went to my nephew's gymnastics show while Jim and I brought Asher home for some much-needed down time. We also took advantage of having only one kid by going to Babies R Us to pick up a few things, including his new carseat. He still fits in his bucket seat so we're going to keep him in it until baseball season is over since he falls asleep in there some evenings. This is the life of the fourth child! We had a 20% off coupon so we used that. I think we're going to love his new carseat and many thanks to Carolyn at Life, Love, and Puppy Prints for the great carseat reviews.

We finished up there and headed over to Buca for a family dinner celebrating my brother's May 21 birthday and my May 31 birthday. What a fun time. Unfortunately I was feeling quite crummy so I didn't eat anything, but I was thrilled to spend the evening with so many people that I love, love, love! The guest list was great! My mom, dad, Patti, grandpa and grandma Fischer, Trudi, Cory, Katie, their boys, Shaun, Rick, their girls, Kristen and her kids, Kiri, Previn, their kids and a nephew, and our family. We were rocking Buca! I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends and it was the best way to celebrate another year of life. (wouldn't pictures be great here? I was really feel horrible so the camera stayed tucked away. My brother and I took a selfie on his iPhone, complete with duckface. Maybe he'll send it to me and I'll add it in.)

Sunday: We drove home and got everyone to bed (past their bedtime again) and hit the hay so we could get up and have all the kids ready to get to church at 9:30 so Audrey could play piano. She wanted it on June 1 so that her nana and grandpa and grandma Fischer could here her play. Her nerves nearly got the best of her, but she did it and ended up playing it the best she's ever played.

Audrey drove back to South Dakota with my grandparents after church for a few days of memory making and sewing. I can only imagine the fun she is having! Actually, I know the fun she's having because I spent a ton of time with my grandparents when I was a little girl. I am so incredibly fortunate to have them in my life and the lives of my children. And while I know she's having fun quilting up a storm and chatting with grandma while grandpa works, we miss her so much.

Later Sunday afternoon, my brother came over with his kids for some football in the backyard, picnic on the neighbor's deck (they were out of town, but we had permission), and Just Dance 2014 on the wii. It was great to spend some extra time with my mom, brother, and nephews. I got kids to bed, read a chapter of Harry Potter to Isaac, and was sleeping on the couch before Jim came down from tucking him in. Party animal right here, people!

It was a great weekend. And it actually felt weekendy. Now I need a few days to recover. . . you know, since I'm 37. :)

**Funny that I finally decide to write a full post devoted to a weekend and then I don't even get it up until Tuesday. Monday night emergencies. Sorry.

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