Friday, June 27, 2014

life's a party!

Right now I am all about surviving our summer birthday season combined with house selling combined with six straight nights of baseball/softball combined with life's surprises, the good ones and the tough ones, too.

I hope to be back to writing here a bit more next week, but right now the cleaning and cupcake baking and party planning (one today, one tomorrow) and lego building and library book reading and kid celebrating is eating my time. And that's okay. Writing is my hobby. Growing kids is my full-time gig. Pay is a bit sketchy. Benefits rock!
Elliot loved his games and Legos

blueberry buckle for breakfast

Rush Zone board game from his siblings 
We had a fun morning putting together his coast guard legos

making cupcakes. yum.

celebrating Audrey's birthday two weeks ago

because she's 8!

We love our birthday girl and she loves her rollerblades
Happy Weekend! Summer is in full swing with all of the festivals and beach days that come with it. What do you have going on?

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  1. I love those canvas prints behind your couch!!