Thursday, June 5, 2014

Well how in the heck did that happen?

Winter was interminable. Forever. I thought it would kill me. Or, at the very least, cause me to lose a few toes due to frostbite. I know I'm not alone in those fears because I know a few people, peace loving and rational people, who are fully prepared to punch the first person who complains about being hot.

Yet here we are. It's June. The grass is green and the sun is warm. The baseballs are flying and the lilacs are blooming. The attention span for school is slacking and the mosquitoes are buzzing. It is summer, people. And as much as I thought winter went on and on, I am sitting here unable to understand how we got to the end of the school year. We have a few things to finish up, but we are definitely in the home stretch.

Because my head is in 35,763 places, we are just now getting around to our yearly standardized testing. Thankfully it is Isaac's favorite part of school (there is no sarcasm in that statement. Bless his nerdy heart) so he was up and ready to rock it this morning. Audrey will do her testing next week and Elliot is pretty devastated he has to wait until second grade. In fact he just asked if I'll make a test for him to do today. I do believe I'll be able to distract him with some playdough, a rice table and some measuring cups, and his football guys. Fingers crossed.
Now I'm staring summer in the face and trying to make sense of the fact that I'll have a 5th, 3rd, and 1st grader. Not to mention a baby who will be 1 this summer. Gulp. That's going to take a while to sink in.

So, I'm going to bury my head in the sand and enjoy a summer of baseball/softball and mosquito swatting. I'm going to snuggle my baby and play in the sprinklers. I'm going to enjoy the sun and hang out with our friends and do the fun stuff. Lots and lots of the fun stuff!

Just as soon as we finish these tests and the rest of our school year. Ugh. (the teacher's attention span is slacking, too.)

How do you celebrate the end of the school year? Any special summer plans? 

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