Sunday, July 27, 2014

Be Good to Yourself

I had a post thought through, but not typed up for today and I have quite a few of them as unfinished drafts in my little blog folder. I have some thoughts on prayers. And by some thoughts I mean I could fill a library with bountiful tomes on all that I do not understand and struggle with on the subject of prayer. That one will take some time. I have some thoughts on living flawed lives in a seemingly perfect world, where photoshop and social media and edits abound. I have some thoughts on the cutest first birthday invitations. But all of that requires more thought that I can muster today. Instead, I will serve as exhibits A, B, and C through Q about the correlation between lifestyle and health.

I don't get sick. I just don't. The rest of the world battles the sniffles and I stand strong. The winter colds make their run and I scoff at them. Until this year. I have had random colds and what I suspect was a slight case of influenza and sinus stuff and general blah. Repeatedly. It is not something I am used to. I haven't needed to go to the doctor, although maybe I should have, and I rarely take medicine because medicine jacks me up, but I have been sick more this year than I have been the last 15+ years combined.
sick, sick, sick on our vacation last year. Fever. cough. vomit. the illness trifecta.
Here's the thing about this year. I am eating worse, exercising less, sleeping fewer hours, and living through more stress than ever. I am not prioritizing my own meal planning. The kids eat three veggie-filled, healthy meals each day and a snack and I grab whatever's handy. The stuff that's handy is rarely healthy. I run two times each week and play wiffle ball with the kids periodically, but strength training and family bike rides and walks and time chasing kids at the park and all of the other ways I stay active and moving have fallen to the wayside. The sleep deprivation is well documented and is improving. Hip hip hooray! Stress? Don't even get me started. OK. I'm started. Attempting to move and all that entails. Medical issues with kids. Traveling husband. New baby. And so on and so forth. It's life. We all deal with junk.
To recap, poor nutrition + less exercise + less sleep + more stress = illness.

Today all of those things added up to bronchitis. In case you were wondering, ain't nobody got time for that. It hurts to cough and  hold babies and push kids on swings and play catch and have kids on my lap and laugh and, oh, yeah, breathe. All of these things figure pretty prominently into my job description. Especially that bit about breathing.

So I lay down as much as is possible and hit the hay as early as possible and now I take the Zpack and rub the thieves essential oil to knock this nonsense out. Finally, I try really hard to learn the Lesson of Bronchitis.

We all know that the thing everyone says about a plane crashing and putting your own oxygen mask on first before helping others is true. It's true on a plane and it's true in real life. I'm busy and you're busy and she's busy and he's busy, but if I don't take the time to rest and eat well and move and remain calm in spite of crazy, then I'm no good to anyone. And I need to be good to people. And so do you.
And that is the lesson I'm hoping to learn. Be good to me so I can be better to others.
I suspect it's a lesson you need to hear, too.

Go forth and be good to you. Your people will appreciate it.

How do you make time for you in your busy day? 

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