Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cooking with Kids: Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

We have tasty strawberries in our fridge, fresh picked and ready to eat. We have big plans for jam and pie, but then we get showing request after showing request and I just don't have it in me to sully the kitchen to that extent. Pie and jam with eight helping hands is a delicious, delightful mess, but try telling me that when we're in the middle of baking and the showing request comes in. (For the record, I know we can say no to showing requests, but we try really hard not to because we're trying really hard to sell our house.)

Strawberry Shortcake, on the other hand, is nice and tasty, but not a huge time or mess investment. I grabbed my trusty chef sidekick, in this case Elliot, and we whipped up some Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits with homemade whipped cream.

He is at such a delightful age, newly six and still little boy who gives enormous morning hugs and also growing up boy who runs across the street to play hockey with the neighborhood boys and tries really hard not to cry when the ball hits his hand. Sometimes he comes home in tears. Sometimes he comes home saying he got hit, but it didn't hurt too bad. Oh, to be a man in training, learning that he shouldn't cry. That he should hide his feelings. I always give my spiel: If it hurts, it's okay to cry. Maybe he hears me. Maybe he doesn't.

At any rate, I ask him to bake with me now and again and sometimes he greets my question with an enthusiastic, smiley yes and other times he'd rather read or play knee hockey or build Lego's. I was thrilled that this time he said yes.

Here's a link to the recipe we used. Very simple and really allows the taste of the berries and whipping cream to shine!

Here's how it went down in my kitchen with my sweet, adorable helper.

All you need. Even I had everything on hand. . . that's saying something!

My happy helper adding dry ingredients.

I must interject to talk about using cooking to teach about fractions. We had all the cups out and talked about what they meant and he decided it made the most sense to use two of the cups to make two cups, but if we had to we could use four of the 1/2 cups. Boom. Math. Yeeehaw!

He always has to make this goofy face when I'm taking pictures. So silly.

Adding baking powder.

Cutting in the cold butter.

Learning how to preheat the oven.

Adding milk to get it all gooey and sticky.

Ready to go into the oven.

Beautiful golden brown and ready for fresh strawberries and whipping cream.

OK. I'm about to get all food snob on you. You just made some really simple, tasty, crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside biscuits. You have these lovely, fresh strawberries to sprinkle on top. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mar this supreme deliciousness with cool whip or the spray can stuff. Buy some whipping cream and take 5-10 minutes to whip it up yourself. Please. I beg of you. You will not be disappointed.
"All of it, mama?" Absolutely. All of it.

Add a few tablespoons of sugar and whip, whip, whip until it's thickened.


The finished products just waiting for bowls and spoons.

Elliot's masterpiece.

Ready to dig in.

It was fun to bake with my boy and the results were delicious and tasted like fresh summer in a bowl. Added bonus: Kitchen was quickly cleaned up and back to its show-ready state.

Any other easy recipes we should try for Cooking with Kids? Or do you have other easy recipes that use strawberries? Share here.


  1. As a kid I loved the fake spray cream, thankfully I can now appreciate the good stuff.

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  3. Love that ... this is my MOST FAVOURITE dessert - my "BIRTHDAY" cake! Thanks for the recipe! I bet it was just scrumptious!