Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

First, listen to this. Go on. Do it.

I am not a very patriotic person. I love our little street safe for biking and our suburb with no good restaurants and our country with all of its fun accents and our world full of cooky, beautiful people, but I do not see our country as superior or stronger. I celebrate it as a piece of a big, wonderful, flawed puzzle. With that being said, I listened to this on the radio at 5 am on the 4th of July and I got a little teary at the beauty and truth and goodness on which our country was founded. I get disillusioned, more like pissed off, at what many people have turned government and politics into, on the exploitation on which our country began and that continues every day, but the ideas that started it all, the care and nurturing and strength that the founders envisioned and planned for and hoped for, is so, so, so very right. To hear The Declaration of Independence being read from the mouths of children and fathers, immigrants and grandmothers, and everyone in between, was just something special. Seriously, give it a listen.

Now, the 4th of July. My kids had these to wear.

This is noteworthy for many reasons.

1-I planned and implemented a multi-step craft. 
--Forget the fact that the day of crafting arrived and I realized that my purse and wallet were in Jim's car so I couldn't actually purchase the shirts and tie dye. You should not be surprised to know that I realized this after we all had our shoes on and were heading toward the car. Thank goodness this happened in the summer because if we'd taken the 45 minutes to get all geared up in our winter woolens and buckled into seats only to realize I couldn't pay for the stuff, I would now be in jail for Grand Theft Michael's. How's that for a video game title? Thankfully a friend came to the rescue and picked the items up for us since she and her daughter were coming over anyway.

2-They were ready in time for the actual holiday.
--Usually I would be finishing these up right around July 18 to celebrate the two week anniversary of the 4th of July. Win!

3-What started as a project for five turned into a project for 10.
--It was going to be my four kids and a friend's kid until Audrey channeled her inner Barack Obama and went all community organizer on us. All of a sudden, five more kids showed up with white t-shirts. Well, four white t-shirts and one yellow skirt. We had just enough dye and the kids played catch and in the sandbox and on the climber and it was a fun-filled afternoon. We live in such a fantastic neighborhood. Now we live a fantastic, fourth of July tie dyed neighborhood.

I daresay we may try another 4th of July craft next year. Any simple and cheap ideas?

On the fourth I ran a half marathon relay with friends that turned into a half marathon, minus the relay, because I'm a Moms on the Run coach and no runner left behind, people! I really wanted a shower and a nap. Sadly, the shower had to wait and I was about 20 minutes into the nap and then I was awoken by a daughter saying, "Shhhhhhhhh. Mama's trying to sleep!" Then it was time to play with kids and pull weeds and snuggle the baby and grill and eat s'mores and watch fireworks with the two kids who weren't in bed. 

Bringing the BOOM to the Red, White, and Boom!

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fun at the fireworks
Elliot was pumped!

It was a fun, festive, family and friend-filled day. That's about as good as it gets, I'd say.
These are my crazy people. I love them.
I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today.

How did you celebrate the 4th of July? And really, I take simple, cheap crafting suggestions.

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