Thursday, July 10, 2014

Girls Night Out-it happened

Once upon a time, a girl put on her fancy gown, errrr, comfy, stretchy Athleta dress, and her glass slippers, ummmm, black sandals she got for her birthday over 11 years ago, and hit the town with her prince, actually it was her two fantastic friends. OK, it's not your typical fairy tale, but it was a night to remember.

I opened my birthday present from my BRFs (Best Running Friends) on May 31 and was thrilled to see tickets to Sarah McLachlan and dinner for July 8. A full night away from home with zero children or responsibilities is something that just does not happen.**

May 31 to July 8 is kind of a long time so I forgot about it or just thought it would never get here or assumed something terrible would happen to ruin our fantastic plans. Nope. Dinner reservations were made, tickets were printed after many technical difficulties, nine children were distributed to their various activities with the help of husbands and grandmas, and we hit the town. (It got a little dicey when we got the call that a tooth was knocked out at a baseball game, but it was a minor injury and the kid remained in the game and played an awesome game so who needs all their teeth anyway?!)

Can I reiterate that I never go anywhere by myself? Therefore, moderation may have been a bit of an issue for me. I was out and free and not driving and wahoooooo. So this is what happened.

Drinking "The Sarah" at the Sarah McLachlan concert

and feeling very happy about that

Yes. There was a concert.

Oh, Sarah McLachlan, will you ever be able to forgive me for leaving you around 1999? I was living overseas and the Y2K scare and newly married and. . . who am I kidding? There is no excuse. It was me, not you, I promise you that. I am listening to you even as I type because the voice, angelic and effortless, the humor, sweet and silly, the spirit, peaceful and lovely. If you'd have read our question from your top hat, we wanted you to come out to dessert after the concert and maybe even a run. We just know you'd fit right in as our fourth BRF. The offer still stands. We even have built-in buddies for your daughters. Call me!

About that after concert dessert. It quickly morphed into after concert drinks for the two who weren't driving. Note to self: the white sangria at Crave is superior to the red sangria. Note to Kristen: it also wouldn't stain your shirt. Oh well.
we're out past the late news and we're on a rooftop patio. We're kind of a big deal.

about to enjoy her 1/2 birthday free drink that we scored from Sleeper Cell, Denim Dan, and preppy Gonzaga man

Enjoying my birthday drinks, too

In conclusion, I had a wonderful birthday celebration. It was definitely out of the ordinary which is why I changed my middle name from responsible to crazy for one evening. Thanks for the buckets-full of fun, Shaun and Kristen. Can't wait for next time! I'll drive.

**Cheers to my husband for handling softball/baseball/bedtime without me and cheers to my boss for coaching Moms on the Run so I could celebrate.


  1. So fun!! Glad you were able to get out!!

  2. We all need a girls night/weekend time out from time to time. I'm so so so happy you got to do it. You were so way overdue for it, girl and so wholeheartedly deserving of it! HUGS OXOX