Thursday, July 24, 2014

Keep on keepin' on

GMO. Organic. Clean eating. Which reading curriculum? How many extracurricular activities? How much allowance? What's an appropriate bedtime for growing kids? When will I get a date with my husband again? This mojito has too much mint in it. Is that normal speech for a 5 year old? The grocery store stopped carrying my favorite yogurt. How long will it take to sell our house? The red light at highway 65 lasts days! Will we get to go hiking this summer?

Because we're all fed and we have shelter and we don't worry about violence in our home or getting shot in the front yard or being drug out into the street and raped as a war tactic or bombs dropping on our roof.

Because we don't fear all of those things, we can fill our lives with "problems."

Not to say some of my/our problems aren't valid and real. Food production affects all of us and our planet. Education is important. We all need boundaries. We all love time away from the hustle and bustle of life. It's just that my stresses come from a place of entitlement and overall goodness.  People struggling to stay alive and safe and to protect their children are not worried about the latest workout fad or if a store's free wifi is working.

There is always something to complain about. Always. And it is absolutely absurd to think that I'll never open my mouth or start clicking my fingers on a keyboard to complain about bad naps or arguing kids or a husband working overtime or losing my only swimsuit bottoms. It's normal to share our lives and concerns and complaints with others.

I don't know where to go with this. I just want to say Gaza. Malaysia. The US-Mexican border. Ukraine. Israel.

Death and destruction and murder, and blind, venomous hate that has been perpetuated for years, decades, centuries.

Sometimes, a lot lately, I think about how random it is that I live here and someone else lives there. Gaza. Malaysia. US-Mexican border. Ukraine. Israel.

Sperm met egg in the USA where I would be born to parents who love me and support me and we didn't know real, true fear. Two teenagers, surprised by the news of pregnancy, raised me and surrounded me with people who loved me. I hit the jackpot.

My life certainly isn't perfect. My upbringing definitely wasn't perfect.

But I get to worry about what I feed my kids instead of whether I'll get to feed my kids. I get to be annoyed about all those tennis balls that get hit into the pond instead of worrying if the kids are safe playing in our yard. I get to worry about if we'll find a day for Jim to join us on a family hike instead of worrying if he's working enough to pay our bills.

Suffice it to say, I've been watching the news and reading the newspaper lately and my heart is heavy with all
of the pain of the world. So I just read this quote over and over again.

And I love on these people.

And I try to use my jackpot spot in the world to lift others up. It never feels like enough. But I know there are a whole lot of us doing our little bit to overwhelm the world.

Let's keep on keeping on.

Do you keep up with current events? If so, how do you balance being informed with being depressed?

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