Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer at its finest

Allow me to set the stage for you. Isaac at basketball camp. Asher napping. Elliot reading a Droon book on the couch. Audrey playing frisbee outside with a yogurt cover. I kid you not.

She headed outside after she got bored using the yogurt cover to bowl over water bottles. She started tossing it in the house but I heard "duck, mama. You just never know where this is going to land" one too many times so I sent her and her "frisbee" outside. Again, I kid you not. Easily entertained is her middle name.

I rushed upstairs to shave my legs. I may or may not have brought a book along (Me Before You by JoJo Moyes if you must know) to simultaneously sit on the edge of the tub to shave with one hand while holding a book in the other hand. Desperate times, people. They call for desperate measure. I shaved one-handed and no-eyed without hitting an artery and even read a few pages before heading back downstairs.

I found this note.

I heard baby's first post-nap squawk so I headed up to get Asher and change his diaper before going outside to find this.

This is one heck of a homemade obstacle course. Note the chalk lines, complete with a spot for hula hoop, his and her baseball/softball gloves, basketball, and jump rope. She thought of everything. She got it all set up, then wanted a buddy to share in the fun so she came in to get her brother. He was worried I wouldn't know where he was so they wrote me a note.

Then, stopwatch on, they were ready to race. Times were marked with sidewalk chalk, erased, marked and erased again as they got faster and faster.

Note her determination in starting her stopwatch
first up-hula hoop
do a quick loop
toss and catch the ball twice

shoot a basket-making it is not necessary

two jumps of the jump rope followed by two swings of it

Stop the watch, of course

Mark the time and do it again and again

This is summer. This is unscheduled hours and sunshine and imagination at its finest. **

**In the interest of full disclosure, later on in the afternoon someone said the course was weird and the obstacles weren't hard enough and they argued about who was putting what away. It happens. It was still a sweet morning brought to you by teamwork and free time.

What are your favorite summer activities?


  1. I love these sweet moments in time! Summer is so great for them, too!