Friday, July 11, 2014

Today. Right this moment.

It's Friday. It's raining. Every last one of us remains in our pajamas. One kid is reading Droon. Two kids are bouncing superballs back and forth across the kitchen floor, complete with diving stops, channeling their inner World Cup stars. The baby chases that ball back and forth like a dog with ADHD. I'm clicking here. We all have a little list of chores. We have some baking and meal prepping to do. Scrabble will be played. NPR and bouncing balls can be heard in the background. And lots of giggles.

It's kind of perfect. It's nothing special, but it's mostly perfect.

I'm feeling sentimental about this warp speed passage of time. As I prep for fifth and third and first grade, not to mention a first birthday party.

I want to remember these nothing/everything moments. These rainy, quiet, giggly Fridays.

What are you doing today, right now? How are you making these moments count?


  1. I just did some gardening and played with Freddy. Now I am editing photos for a photo album for my son. He is home from Houston weekend with his girlfriend for their birthdays and he will be The GrandParent at his sister's baby's Baptism on Sunday. The book is about our 2 trips from Western Mass to Austin where he was a grad student in structural engineering at UT. It begins with a poem, kind of like a 1000 gifts poem and then the photos. I am calling it "Boston to Austin."

    1. That sounds just delightful, Bruce. What a special gift for your son. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!

  3. I loved those days the most - pajama days full of forts, movies, trucks, games, hugs, and laughter!!