Friday, July 25, 2014

When the mama feels crummy

When the mama has a fever and a hacking cough and the baby isn't sleeping well and the showing requests are coming rapid fire and the kids want to go to the beach and the husband is working overtime, crawling into the fetal position and sticking my fingers in my ear to quiet the din seems like a perfectly reasonable option. But, I'm trying really hard to pass for a grown up these days, so instead I just get through the day with as much laughter and grace as I can muster, which isn't much, but is hopefully enough, and go to bed before 9 pm.

Plus, I'm batting 1,000% so let's do this.

And, somehow, Asher turned 11 months old this week, which is both a joy and a tragedy unto itself, says the overly emotional mama. I blogged about it here.

Have a great weekend. Because it's Friday, right? I woke up groaning because I thought it was Thursday and then, hooray, I got the surprise of a Friday.

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