Wednesday, August 27, 2014

vini, vidi, vici. *

* We came. We saw. We conquered.

OK, it wasn't quite as dramatic as a Julius Caesar victory, but it is a victory nonetheless when you spend a day at the Minnesota State Fair with four kids and no kids get lost, no tantrums are thrown, no one gets sick, and everyone has a great time. That, my friends, is a victory! I'm ignoring the part where Elliot got bored waiting for me to feed Asher and found a few pebbles to throw at a building. That is normal, bored kid behavior which was quickly nixed and we carried on with our long, fun day at the fair. Oh, I should also mention that I didn't lose any kids, but I did lose Jim. And, surprise, surprise, I didn't have my cell phone with me. Long, frustrating story, but we found each other again. It's not the fair without a little craziness.

Since we are moving, we decided we definitely needed one last trip to the State Fair, especially because Asher had never been before and it is a total Minnesota thing to do. We packed up the stroller and the necessary gear to keep baby, kids, and parents happy and headed out on a stunningly beautiful, 75 degree, sunny, breezy day. Really, we couldn't have asked for better weather.

We had a list of things we wanted to try to do and while we didn't get everything done, we did knock quite a few off of the list and we found out that it takes a long time to navigate the fair with so many small people and one big stroller. Luckily we have been practicing our flexibility, not a natural strong suit in a few of my children, and they handled it like champs.

It's the end of August. The end of summer. The frogs are out in full force. I hear the crickets chirping away. There is dew on the grass in the mornings and a chill in the air. Summer is on its way out once again and going to the fair really closes the book on summer. Gosh. How did that happen so quickly. I told Jim today that I'm going to really freak out when I turn the page in my planner and it says September. What a summer it has been.

Here's our day in photos.
Audrey and Isaac prepare for the giant slide

Here comes Isaac

Asher's first ride. He liked it more than his unimpressed face indicates

And Elliot liked it less than his beautiful smile indicates

Isaac tackles the rope course

And down he comes

Audrey was terrified, but she powered through. I was so proud of her

And down she comes for a big hug and pep talk

Best corn on the planet!

four fun kids and one full stroller

The gang's all here!

Ready to head into the Fun House

Elliot's first roller coaster. He said he would have liked it if he didn't think it was going to fall off and it went slower and we didn't spin around. I suggested that maybe he just didn't like it. He thought I was probably right.

Jim school the little kids at this game

So he got the giraffe. :)

At the top of the DNR Fire Tower

checking out the livestock

Asher loooooved the Fair

Thanks for the memories!
 Do you have a special event in your family or in your community that signifies the end of summer?

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