Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween from Pippi Longstocking, Mr. Nilsson, Lord Sparr, and the rapper.

taken at the library's Halloween party last weekend
rapper-10, pippi-8, Mr. Nilsson-1, Lord Sparr-6

Please join me for a stroll down a very adorable Halloween memory lane.

They started asking for the day off of school for Halloween sometime last week, but I'm dressing as a tyrant for Halloween so school it is! We're hunkering down and getting some work done along with some fun Halloween stuff, too. I predict a shorter than usual attention span and costumes on at approximately 8 am.

Isaac at the pumpkin patch: age 1

construction worker-2, construction cone-4 months

tortoise-3, hare-1

We'll have an early dinner and head out as soon as it's socially acceptable to trick-or-treat in Omaha. And I just this second realized that there are zero working light bulbs on the outside of our house so a trip to the store is in order because I can't eat all of these clementines by myself.
personality for miles, this girl! age 2
Did you hear the clementine story? Here it is. Pull up a chair and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. We'll be here a while.
baseball players are 4 and 2. the baseball is 4 months. The coach is 31.
Two years ago we gave out clementines with jack-o-lantern faces sharpied on them. We went this route for a few reasons. I thought it was cute and there's soooo much sugar on Halloween and I feel bad giving out chocolate made by companies that exploit children and pillage the earth and the store was out of the organic, fair trade chocolate by the time we got around to buying it, which was late because if we do it early I eat it all. Yes, I overthink things. Why?

*Let it be known that Jim thinks this is ridiculous and lobbies each year for regular ol' Halloween candy.* 
firefighter-5, brown puppy 3, fisherman-2, frog-1 (cousin Maclain joins the fun!)

Adrian Peterson-6, Black cat-4, tiger-3, bear-2, dinosaur-3 months (Maclain and Beckett join us this year)

Anyway, that's what we did two years ago. Trick-or-treaters were not all that impressed, but considering the laundry bags full of candy they were dragging around the neighborhood, I'd say they got over it. Last year we bought the organic, fair trade chocolate early enough and gave out chocolate squares and people were still unimpressed. In fact one kid tried to walk into our house and choose different candy from my kids' piles on the floor. We still get a good chuckle out of that one.

This year we started our annual Halloween treat distribution discussion and Isaac started lobbying for clementines and Halloween pencils right away. This is uncharacteristic so I was a little confused, but he's the oldest and he quickly had all kids on board. Then I noticed the sly smile and twinkle in his eyes and asked why he wanted to hand those things out. "I like to see the kids' faces then they realize we aren't giving out candy," he replied. Yep. That's my kid.
Encyclopedia Brown-7, ladybug-5, puppy-3

I started cracking up and the deal was done. Clementines and pencils it is. To sweeten the deal he and Audrey wrote things like "try me" and "trick or treat" and "I'm yummy" on the clementines. We also came up with a response for people who inquire about candy or complain about the lack thereof. Here's a sample conversation:
kid: "Where's the candy?"
us: "Probably next door."
rainbow rock star-34, my brother, hockey mullet man-31

Yes, we have a warped sense of humor, but one clementine in the midst of 18 pounds of candy won't kill a kid. Cripes, pop the chocolate bars in the fondue pot, peel the clementine, and dip it in. Ooh la la!
Tin tin-8, jack-o-lantern-6, Adrian Peterson-4

Vampire-9, witch-7, bat-5, skeleton-2 months, witch-36

Happy Halloween. Happy Friday.

And thanks for the link up, Daily Tay and Helene in Between. This is how old married people with kids par-tay!

What are you handing out and what's the first treat you'll steal from your kids' bag once they hit the hay?


  1. oh so many cute costumes! haha love clementines and pencils- too funny!

  2. So many great costumes!! I love the Pippi one! I dressed as her when I was little!!

  3. Ha! Love that your son went as a rapper!!