Sunday, November 23, 2014

A nice little Sunday

Jim slept until 1 pm since he worked until 6 am. Asher took a nap at 9, so we couldn't go to church since I knew he'd wake up before we got home and Jim would not want to be up yet. The big kids and I got school done for the day, awash in the warmth of the fireplace. (School on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, ski on Tuesday, spend Wednesday and Thursday with nana and babu and grandpa and grandma Fischer, then school on Friday.) I addressed some Christmas cards. I absolutely can't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but I love sending out Christmas cards so I do that one Christmas thing before Thanksgiving. Well, I also shop for gifts because I can't spend December stressed about gifts. I go crazy. We cleaned up the school room and the kids played a little bit. Asher woke up in a giggly mood. We had the perfect winter lunch of grilled cheese and chili. Tummy warming perfection. Jim woke up and once we got ready we headed to Denver to hang out with my mom and Keith and my grandparents. My grandparents are in town for Thanksgiving as they travel from South Dakota to Arizona for the weekend. It is such a treat to be able to buzz over to my mom's for Sunday dinner. Dinner was great; the company was even better. We drove home and got the kids to bed in time for me to use technology to catch up with my two BRFs for a bit. It wasn't enough, but it was something.

Yes. It was a nice, relaxing little Sunday.
Good night.

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  1. I always try and get my gifts done before thanksgiving, and I think I'm there this year, my dad might need one more thing to round his out, but I'm waiting to decide what that should be. I haven't listened to christmas music yet, in college I would only listen after finals were done, but now I'm thinking it will happen this week.