Tuesday, November 25, 2014

at a loss

I had a different blog post started.

Then the grand jury came back and said no charges would be filed against Darren Wilson. I didn't see Michael Brown get shot and I wasn't in the room hearing the testimonies and arguments. I don't know what happened. I never will.

As an outsider looking in, here's what I know. I know is that it has to stop being okay to shoot unarmed black boys and men. I know their lives have to be valued for the grand, beautiful, worthy creations they are. I know I shouldn't feel this sense of relief that my boys have white skin. I know rioting and looting aren't the answer.

But I most certainly don't know the answer.

I am ill. Shaking, angry, furious, pissed, ill.

So, go read this. It's important.

And let's do this.
"So, we must acknowledge our faults, confess our sins, repent to those we harm, and seek reconciliation in the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen, understand, acknowledge, and come along the side of those who are hurting, bearing their burdens in love.
They will know us by our love. Might we love in such a way that others see the unconditional love of Jesus."
That's all I have. 


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