Saturday, November 22, 2014

fifteen months

This little choochie face turned 15 months old today.


Hard to believe I've been loving this baby for all those months and hard to believe he's only been part of our family for fifteen months. It's the great paradox of grand love. How has it gone so quickly and how have we not loved you forever?

Asher celebrated by attending his first every wood stacking party. Yes, that's actually a thing. He and I made ourselves at home while Jim and the other kids actually helped do the work of hauling and stacking wood at my cousin's house. And by made ourselves at home, I mean he slobbered all over their floor to ceiling mirror and I hid all of their remotes to keep them from being lost forever at the hands of a very slick toddler. Then he napped for 15 minutes on the way home and decided that a 15 minute nap on one's 15 month birthday is plenty of rest.

He learns new things every day. It's so amazing to watch and so fun to see Isaac, Audrey, and Elliot marvel at the changes. He loves to "dan, dan, dan," which means dance, dance, dance. You would know that if you saw him waving his arms and shimmying as he said it. He loves "ball balls" and wants whichever one a big sibling is holding. He hugs it out. He mimics almost everything we say, with love you (uv u) being my personal favorite right now.

His hair is so long that he wakes up each morning looking like a combination between a mad scientist and Farrah Fawcett from the early 80's, all feathered out and stylish. Except it's not the 80's and he's not a girl. But when it's wet or he's sweaty it curls and it's just the sweetest and I know what happens when you take your baby boy in for his first haircut. He goes in a baby and comes out a little boy and I am not quite ready for that. Jim is ready. I'm getting there.

He sleeps terribly, but is almost always in a good mood, provided he is held often, nursed often, and no one takes his ball balls.

His giggle. Oh, dear me, his giggle. Whether he's playing hut hut with his biggest brother, tag with his sister, or being tickled by his big brother, that giggle with that wide smile just stops me in my tracks.
He is loved. He loves.


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