Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is it naptime yet?

You guys, people lobby for Monsanto and the tobacco companies and politicians' rights to spend kajillions of dollars on television ads that are universally despised. Yet a group of mamas and dads hasn't banded together to end this nonsense called daylight savings time. We are not an agrarian culture. We stop at Starbucks in order to stay awake while we sit and click on computers, sending emails and typing reports and googling stuff. We are not saving daylight. We are rearranging it. We are not getting more sleep. We are waking up at 4 am to confused babies who are ready to party.

I'm talking about this guy.

Sweet, innocent, silly, and beautiful, he also things 5:30 is morning on a good day. Rearrange the clocks on him and his internal rooster crows at 4:30 am. I can't be the only one who sees the insanity of this. There is a portion of the population, namely parents of people under the age of around 6, stumbling through the day.

I'd say join the fight against Daylight Savings, maybe we'd tweet at #daylightsavingssucks or we'd march downtown at 4 in the morning when we're all awake, but I'm too tired to organize it. Plus I assume all of you enjoy your extra hour of sleep too much to band together with those of us who will spend the next few weeks cursing the clock every morning.

Well, if I can't beat him, I might as well join him. Off to party with my 1-year-old. We're jamming out to Broadway's Lion King CD, complete with maracas and xylophone.

Happy Sunday. Did you get to sleep in or did you have a sweet little, confused munchkin wake you up at an ungodly hour?


  1. I'm not even small and my inner clock went off way to early! I'd be so ready to dance with Asher - it sounds like he and I would be right together in the same time zone!

  2. Oh I LOVE daylgith savings time! Sorry!