Friday, November 28, 2014

Lefse Friday

If you're passed out in a smoking hot deals, shopping induced coma, I applaud you. I myself am a throw out the ads without looking at them, hang out at home all day Black Friday kind of girl. This year we were in for a special treat because my mom and Keith and grandpa and grandma came over to our house to make lefse. This is a Norwegian family tradition that we learned from my great-grandma B, who passed away two years ago. We like to imagine her looking down at us as we get covered in flour and wonder how it always takes much longer than we expected. But, it is one of our favorite traditions and my kids start asking about it as soon as the leaves change and we start planning for Thanksgiving.

Now, if you know me at all, you will not be surprised to find out that things didn't go quite as scheduled. We got the dough ready and grandma headed to the quilt shop for a little browsing, when much to our dismay we realized that we didn't have the cover for the pastry board. This resulted in lefse dough sticking to the board and making it impossible to proceed. UGH!

We took a break from lefse-ing to play Three-Thirteen and Pit, (Side note: play Pit. Noisy, rambunctious fun!) while grandma purchased fabric and sewed a cover for the pastry board. This took longer than expected, like it always does, but she did it. We put it on, hoping it would work since she put a lot of time and effort into it. Voila, it worked!

Unfortunately by the time we got all the ducks in a row, it was time for my mom and Keith to head home, but at least they got to be in on all of the game fun. The kids had a blast helping and we all loved sampling our wares. This is the first year Elliot has wanted to help and he did a great job. I just love carrying on this tradition and being surrounded by generations of love and experience.

OK.Prepare yourself, people.Photos galore of our fun day.
My beautiful mama
Audrey and grandma Fischer prepare the dough
Game break: Three Thirteen
Asher and his good buddy, Grandpa
Grandma hard at work sewing her cover
Still on game break: Pit. It got so loud that Asher cried. We tried to quiet it down a bit.
Elliot wants every kind of animal as his pet. He loves playing with his nana and babu's dogs.
Audrey: flipper extraordinaire
Isaac hard at it, too.
We gave Asher a piece of dough and some flour to go to town
Audrey practices rolling out
Elliot and Grandpa play cars
Isaac perfects his rolling technique

Elliot gets in on the flipping action
And tries his hand at rolling, too.
Asher loved the finished product
Here's the lefse gang, minus me
Mmmmmm. Success! And fun, family memories, too.

Now that's my kind of Black Friday!

What did you do? Are you a shopper, decorator, relaxer, or something else entirely? 


  1. Love it! I like to online shop for deals (usually for myself, occasionally for gifts). My aunts and grandma make lefse at some point in december, it's been a while since my schedule has allowed me to partake.

    1. I much prefer online shopping. I'm doing a fair amount on etsy and with some friends who have their own small businesses. I hope you can get in on the lefse making fun.