Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Motherhood is beautiful.
Motherhood is also two hours of sleep because the baby. . . well, who really knows why the baby does that?

Waking up crabby knowing the day will be full of people who need you.

Kids who are hungry when you just want to crawl under the covers.

A short temper in spite of this prayer with nearly every breath: "Please give me patience. Please let me show love when I don't feel loving."

A little boy head clunked on the table.

A little girl finger burned on the new toaster oven.

A baby who won't take his morning nap.

The decision to load the kids up to go to the homeschool field trip at the state park 30 minutes away after all.

Baby's first puke in the car ride there.

Letting kids play in a deserted parking lot while you get the baby cleaned up.

Finally, a ten minute nap on the windy drive home.

(And all of that before 10 am.)

No more nap at home.

Giving when you feel empty.

Receiving when you're sure you're full.

Second guessing nearly every decision.

Laughter because it's funny and laughter because you will lose it if you don't find the humor.

Tears because it's so beautiful and tears because it's so exhausting.

Motherhood is beautiful.

But it isn't simple.

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