Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30

Today is the last day of November. Jenna would have been 42 today. (If you don't know about Jenna, I have blogged about her periodically, like here and here.) It's also the last day of Pancreatic Awareness Month and the month where, more than any other, we reflect on our thankfulness and, hopefully, express our gratitude and appreciation to others.

In honor of all of those things, I will say what I've said before. Go out and be kind. Be kind to the people in your home and the people you see regularly and the people you meet by happenstance.

Choose love over hate and good over bad and forgiveness over grudge and kindness over anger.

It's not always easy. Don't I know it?

But, it's always right. It matters. We may never know just how much it matters.

Happy Birthday, Jenna. May the chorus of angels serenade you with the loveliest of Happy Birthday songs. May your legacy of love and strength and joy and kindness live on.

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