Saturday, November 8, 2014

On Disney. And I'm a weirdo.

I'm about to tell you something that might change everything. You thought you knew me. Maybe you thought we'd have fun hanging out together over a hot cocoa or a run. I wonder if you'll feel the same way after this confession.

Where is one place you would never want to go on a vacation that other people seem to love? **

Time to just rip the band-aid right off.

Yep. Disneyworld. Here's how clueless I am. I had to google which one was in Florida: land or world.

I have kids. I love them. We like to make memories. Therefore I seem to be just the people they're marketing to. Yet I have zero desire to throw my money into the Disney bank vault. Here's why.

Five Reasons Disney Won't Get My Cash

1-I hate crowds.
I can't even go to Costco between mid-November and early January. I get anxious just thinking about all of those people armed with oversized carts careening through the store to get to the next free sample and the next jumbo-sized arrangement of holiday bows. Add in strollers and screaming toddlers and people dressed up in costumes and overpriced meals and I'm out.

2-I'm cheap.
For the money it would cost our family of six to get to Disney via train, plane, or automobile, purchase tickets to the actual Disneyworld, eat meals, sleep in hotels, and order one cocktail an evening to take the edge off, we could take two skiing trips or rent a sweet house on the beach or visit loads of museums on the East Coast.

3-We are not ride people.
The kids are not adventuresome in the ride selection. Not a single one of them wants to ride roller coasters. Audrey can be coaxed into it, but it isn't all that enjoyable. They don't like spinning. Or going up and down. Or swinging. Jim gets motion sick watching rides. I can handle 5-10 rides and then I'm done for the day. Seems like an expensive trip to coax one kid into doing rides while my husband gets sick.

4-We don't watch Disney movies.
I have friends who will vouch for this. We played a Disney trivia games and they saw the confused expressions on my kids' faces when asked about Disney characters. The other kids playing felt real pity at all our kids are missing out on in the world of Disney. They offered to donate part of their media closet to educate them. It was very sweet and hilarious.

5-I'm a rebel.
OK. I'm actually not a rebel. But there is a piece of me that doesn't like to do stuff just because everyone else is doing it. I'm not one bit bothered by you going to Disney. I'm sure you have a list much longer than this about why it is a wonderful place to go. It's just not a place I'd like to go.

I'm not saying we'll never go. I am saying it's highly unlikely. And if we do go it'll be last minute and unplanned and the opposite of a "tradition" Disney experience and we'll totally wing it and we'll have fun anyway because we're in a new place with the people we love.

It's not that I don't love my kids or that I want to deprive them of a childhood rite of passage. It's that there are thousands of places I'd rather experience with them. Things that suit our interests a bit more. White water rafting and the Smithsonian. Learning to surf in the ocean and USS Midway Aircraft Carrier museum. Mesa Verde and the bat caves in New Mexico.

So, there you have it. No Disney for me. Any other people out there who don't feel the need to go to Disneyland/world? Or do you all think I should just start saving for therapy because of this?

What's one place you don't want to visit and one place you definitely want to see in your lifetime?

**This question is a prompt for the NaBloPoMo daily blogging I'm doing through BlogHer.


  1. I love disney world, but I didn't LOVE it until I was in college and going with my mom and brother (he has special needs). I'm up for any kind of travel. Waterparks aren't really my thing though.

  2. I think we'd have fun if we went; there are just lots of other places I'd rather go. I'll go anywhere, too. My 6 year old son has already shown a strong case of wanderlust. He learns about a new place and wants to go immediately.

  3. One place I don't want to visit is Disneyland or Disneyworld. I can live my imagination by watching the movies. I want to visit the Winchester house or the Hearst castle or any museum or any historical place that will stretch my mind to see the wonder of this big world and the people in it!

  4. Hearst castle is amazing Carol... definitely go there if you have the opportunity!