Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Second impressions and a sneak peek

I haven't slept for more than three hours in a row in at least four days courtesy of my very adorable, yet sleep resistant teething baby. Our car slides down our mountain driveway like we strapped skis on it and entered it in a slalom competition. Our pods couldn't be delivered Tuesday due to chain restrictions on the highway and we got more snow overnight and are expecting more today so we have no idea when to expect 2/3 of our belongings. Lacking a baby gate to fit our wide staircases, I spent a fair chunk of my day keeping a 1 year old from dive bombing down the stairs. You know, because I had nothing else going on. Elliot is getting sick. It was nine below this morning and none of us have winter coats. Well, we all HAVE winter coats, but they're on a pod waiting for the one way trip up the mountain road.

So, life in Evergreen is like everywhere else on the planet. A splash of sublime, a kick of annoying, a dose of beauty, some bad luck, and a twist of wonder.

Yesterday was tiring. But we had some really sweet moments.

Asher watched the snow fall.

 Audrey read in front of our living room fireplace.

Isaac and Audrey settled in on the couch.

Elliot helped put his bed together and had such fun using the drill.

Isaac invented a game called "Hutt hutt hike" to play with Asher and it is the sweetest thing to see them play and squeal and giggle together. An outside source corroborated the fact that he's the best big brother and will be a fantastic dad someday.

This conversation happened.
Elliot was holding a book and asked Audrey if she'd read it. When she said she hadn't he said, "You should read it. I think you'd like it. Do you like mysteries? Do you like mysteries about people stealing money? If you do, you'd like this." (He hasn't seen Reading Rainbow, but it was definitely a Reading Rainbow flashback moment for me.) Audrey was a bit distracted helping get a towel so my mom could get Asher out of the tub (side note: we live close enough to my mom that she can help us unpack!!!! Assuming we get more things to unpack, of course.), but she said she did like mysteries. Elliot brought the book to her and said, "Maybe you should read the back. I really think you'd like it." She read the back and said it sounded good and he smiled his big, proud dimpled smile, so happy to be the one to share a book with a sibling after years of receiving recommendations.

I told him how nice that was to recommend a book to Audrey and asked what he liked about it so much. He explained it and I asked the name of the author so we could find more books. I also asked how many times he'd read the book today. He smiled, the big one again, and flashed four fingers in the air. Melt my mama heart.

The good news is that the first pod included all of our mattresses except Isaac's and most of our kitchen stuff so we can eat and sleep. The bad news is we're forecast to have one warm day on Friday and then back to the snowy deep freeze we go, so our window of opportunity for pod delivery is teeny tiny small. Here's hoping. Sorry to all Colorado residents. It appears we brought Minnesota weather with us. Thankfully the low humidity makes it much more tolerable and we don't have high winds at our house.

So, we've got the good and the bad, but no ugly here. Just postcard beautiful views, a stocked fridge and pantry, books from the library, and some board games. Guess we'll hunker down like good mountain people do.
The sun came out and this is the actual true view from my front door

And, because some of you asked, here are a few pictures of the least chaotic room in the house. Here's our living room. We'll add a tv above the fireplace and a big, puffy, brown leather chair in the corner by the biggest window. Some end tables will go somewhere and an ottoman. But, here's our start at a living room.

The front door is on the wall you see on the left side of the picture

The dining room is behind the rounded rust colored wall

I took the pictures standing in front of this winding staircase


  1. God is good - what a wonderful home! You are all in my thoughts and I pray that your teeny, tiny window of opportunity to get your pods works out!

  2. It will all work out! What a gorgeous home!!

  3. Beautiful home!! And that snow, WOW! I'm not ready for winter but this looks so picturesque for the holiday season!