Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When saying yes is easy.

You know what? It's pretty easy to say yes to the good things in life when your day starts with the family's favorite egg bake and cooperative, eager children ready to drive to Lincoln to tour the capitol building and visit the Children's museum.
1st stop: capitol building.
See if you can find the theme of the pictures when Asher's in them

2nd stop: Lincoln Children's Museum. We skipped the store.
It's not so easy when you're not feeling well and your job cut your hours and the kids are arguing about bedtime and the laundry needs to be folded, dishwasher unloaded, and lunches made for the next day. Then it can feel easier to crab and snap and make sure everyone else knows how miserable I am and, better yet, joins me in the pity party. Sad, but true.

Today was an easy day. On the drive to Lincoln, I heard Elliot talking to Asher and looked in the rear view mirror to see him saying, "We're going to the Children's Museum and it's going to be so fun you're going to LOSE YOUR MIND, but you can't put the toys in your mouth. You can touch them, but you can't put them in your mouth. OK? It'll be so fun!" Then, with only a few wrong turns, (I don't have GPS or a smart phone so it's always a crapshoot if we'll actually get where I mean to go) we arrived for the tour of the capitol building. The kids were engrossed and so intrigued by the layout of the building, the beautiful murals, the carved doors, the many mosaics, the homage to the role of Native Americans, Spaniards, and French in Nebraska's history, and how different it is from the Minnesota capitol building. Asher got to use real Italian marble to steady him as he crawled up and down this one little step. Ooh la la. Fancy, huh?! We got to sit at the desks in the Senate room that haven't been used since 1937 as we heard the history of the room. Well, three kids sat and listened as Asher walked the aisles like he owned the place. Thankfully the eleven other men on the tour were fine with that. Asher was mostly quiet, which is a major win since he likes to screech when things get too quiet and tours of government buildings tend to be quiet. It was a very interesting, informative tour and if Asher hadn't been there I'd have spent hours talking to the tour guide. Alas, I grabbed a few pamphlets and we googled our questions once we got home.
one of the many beautiful mosaics on the ceiling

A mural showing the earth being plowed for the first time as settlers arrived

Kids standing in front of the Senate room made with a more European feel to it

Beautiful doors full of Native American lore and history leading to the Senate room used before they switched to a unicameral legislature in 1937-google it. I had to.

Largest tile mosaic in the building showing mother earth

kids looking down at the main hall

mosaic of a teacher leading school children to safety during the blizzard of 1888, guided by a Native American spirit

mosaic highlighting the importance of trees to NE. Arbor Day started here.

Audrey and an eagle statue outside

Statue of Lincoln. The village of Lancaster was renamed Lincoln when it became the capital city of the new state of NE. 

Where's his head? Where's Asher going? AAAH. Wrangling cats over here, people.

After a delicious lunch at Leadbelly's and a peek at University of Nebraska's football stadium as we drove past it, we headed to the Children's Museum. Mind you, Asher had no morning nap, but he was ready to party when he saw what was in store for him there. There were ball ramps and train tracks, kid sized airplanes to drive and prairie dog tunnels to traverse, apple trees to pick and Hy-vee grocery stores to shop. Four happy kids gladly wiled away the afternoon and would have stayed longer, but I made the executive decision to leave pre-baby meltdown. This ain't my first time at the rodeo.
they could have watched this ball ramp for hours. 

In particular, Isaac's engineering mind is fascinated

Audrey loved it, too.

Even Asher thought it was great.

 I finally suggested we check out another part of the museum and everyone had fun.

My sweet choochie face watching other kids play.

picking apples and being silly. 

Halloween is over, but Audrey decided they should be monkeys

All aboard!

On the way home, Asher fell asleep immediately to the sound of Audrey reading aloud from her Jack Prelutsky poetry book. It was the sweetest moment in a very, very sweet day. I do not take these days for granted. I do not forget how fortunate I am to live this life with these four kids who are healthy and mostly well-behaved and loving and loved.

Yes. I said yes to all of the good things today. It was easy. It's not always easy. Tomorrow we are back to a regular school day and I'll be in charge of feeding everyone without the help of a restaurant and we're having someone from Jim's work over for dinner and we start packing yet again.

I will want to say no. No, I'm too busy. Just one more minute. I'll be right there.

So I'm going to try to remember the joy in their eyes and the peace in my heart when my day was full of yes.
Still not looking at the camera. Oh well. Four outta five ain't bad.

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