Monday, December 1, 2014

And we wait.

It's December 1. Advent started yesterday. It is a time of waiting, of expectancy, of holding our breaths for something more.

What are you waiting for? More time, more patience, more cookies, more money, more glitz, more holiday parties, more tinsel, more vacation, more gifts, more perfection, more snow, more elf on the shelf ideas, more love, more friends, more recognition, more {fill in the blank}.
All of those things come and go.

So let's not do that anymore. In this season of advent, let's wait for Jesus. Let's wait expectantly for the King who came for us. Let's hold our breaths in anticipation of the miracle of a baby sent to save us and love us and teach us about forgiveness and love. Not a stodgy, old fart of a king. (In my mind I'm picturing Prince Charles. Sorry, ol' chap.) No, he came a king for the people. The kind of guy we'd love to chat with over a beer at the local bar. The kind of guy who'd play catch with our kids. The kind of guy who'd tell really interesting stories about his travels and the people he'd met and would challenge us and our notions of religion.


God is with us.

That's what we're waiting for. Let's order our lives, prioritize our time, to reflect that.

Let's be a little quieter as the world gets louder.

Let's be a little calmer as the world gets rushed.

Let's just be, basking in the glory of this miracle baby, this King sent for the broken people of the world. (Pssst. That's me. It's you, too.)

Yes, celebrate and yes, give and receive gifts joyfully. But let's not fill every moment. Let's allow ourselves time and energy and space to be. Be expectant. Be joyful. Be silent. Be.

Do you have any special Advent traditions in your family or ways that you prepare for Christmas?

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