Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Falling Forward

We're all sitting on the cusp of something new. It is a natural time to look back on 2014. Hopefully it's a time of celebrating love and success and joyful moments. Usually it's also a time to lament loss and sadness and disappointment. Loved ones passed away, missed job opportunities, difficult relationships.

Unfortunately it's usually the hard stuff that we grab hold of. We cling to what we perceive as our failures, recall all the things we didn't achieve, the resolutions we forgot about in February, the accomplishments we wanted to have by now, whether it's the new car or the new house or the new relationship. Why do we do that? Because most of us do that.

Ann Voskamp did what she does best by writing beautifully and eloquently and truthfully about looking back on a year and being stuck in it. Just stuck in the muck, tires spinning, nothing steady to grab hold of. Or at least that's how we often feel.

Let's do what she learned. What we all need to learn over and over again since it appears that we are quite forgetful humans. Let's Fall Forward. Let's learn from our mistakes and expectantly look forward to what's coming. Even if what's behind us brought fear or scars or hurt. Let's focus on the good that happened. The unexpected joy in a hard day. The laughter in the middle of a whole mess of tears. The love experienced in the midst of hurt. Let's search out the goodness. Let's make a list of it if we have to. A gratitude journal or a mental list each morning before we step out of bed and greet our beautiful, horrible world and its news headlines and busted up marriage and sick kids and infertility and all of it.

Because taking a few minutes to focus on the good in the middle of the broken changes things. It changes us.

So make your resolutions or choose your one word. Ring in the new year with champagne toasts and kisses as you watch the ball drop in Time's Square or fall asleep at 8:30. No matter how you celebrate or don't celebrate, just make sure you get up tomorrow and fall forward to the possibility of life lived, loved given and received. Get up tomorrow certain that life is going to throw some unexpected curveballs your way in 2015 and some of them will be straight-up rotten, but equally certain that you will laugh and learn and smile and be okay. Sometimes great. Sometimes horrible. Sometimes overjoyed. Sometimes lost. Always loved.

I just know I want less hurt. Less hurt in our individual lives and less hurt in our communities and world. And I believe that this happens when we love. When we love ourselves and feel love by others and share love with others.
buy it here. I already did!

So, Fall Forward.

Thank you for being a part of my life, for reading my little words on the big internet, for commenting and sharing and coming back. I really appreciate it and I really appreciate you.

Wishing you a joyful, beautiful 2015. How are you celebrating? And what are you looking forward to?


  1. I first read it as "fail"ing forward. but either way, i love this post. get up and do love is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I bought that print and have it ready to frame and put on my nightstand so I see it first thing when I wake up.