Monday, December 15, 2014

flashback to 12/13/12

Over the weekend there was plenty of talk about Saturday's fun date: 12/13/14. Jim was gone for work, but the kids and I celebrated by baking some Christmas cookies and taking a hike at one of my new favorite spots.

But I also spent a fair portion of the day thinking back two years to 12/13/12, a day everything changed for our family.

The day my friend smuggled a pregnancy test over to my house because I couldn't think of a way to explain that purchase to my posse, then ages 4, 6, and 8.

The day I had a really strange conversation with my four-year-old.

The day the test was positive.

The day I told my husband.

The day I first knew, really knew, about a baby called Cuatro who would grow to be Asher who we would all love so very much.

I wrote my thoughts out that day. Here's where my head was: 12/13/12

In truth, my head was spinning craziness, but my heart was happy and full and ready.

In two years, I guess not much has changed. I'm still spinning craziness. My heart is still happy and full and ready.

I love you, choochie face!

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