Saturday, December 20, 2014

She is my daughter

Last night we were sitting around the dinner table discussing books in general and chapter books shared before bedtime, in particular. Each of the big kids reads one chapter from a book with a grown up before bedtime. Currently Isaac and I are reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Audrey and I are reading Anne of Windy Poplars, and Elliot and I are reading Trumpet of the Swan. It is one of my favorite parts of each day, even when I have to try really hard to keep my eyes open by the time I get to Isaac's book. Although I don't know if that will be such a problem with Isaac's current book. Jim, Isaac, and I are riveted and we're only a few chapters in. That Harry Potter is so good!

Audrey has a long list of things she'd like to read with me, including, but not limited to, finishing the Anne of Green Gables series, starting The Chronicles of Narnia books, and starting Harry Potter. She looked down at her plate and said, "I don't know how I'll decide. There are so many good books to read." I nodded my head in appreciation of her true words and Jim said, "Welcome to your mama's world." I said, "Oh, Audrey. I know just what you mean. The world is full of so many great books waiting to be read and instead I have to do the dishes. It's just impossible." She smiled and we organized book reading strategies for the family. It was just the best.

Here's how it'll go. She and I will finish up the entire Anne series while Elliot reads Trumpet of the Swan, then Charlotte's Web, with a Ramona book thrown in there if he finishes early. Then Audrey, Elliot, and I will read The Chronicles of Narnia together. Drat. I just remembered we wanted to read The Little House on the Prairie books soon, too. Now you see what Audrey was talking about, don't you? So many books. So little time.
Yep. That's my daughter. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. We're cut from the same cloth. Even though she loves crafts and going to Michael's gives me hives. Even though she loves planning elaborate parties with themes and color schemes and my idea of a party involves, "Hey, could you pass the queso and top off this margarita? Gracias."

She's my daughter. A little piece of me out in the world. We speak with our hands and wear our emotions on our sleeves. We love getting lost in books. We can't help but sing loud and proud to show tunes. We bake and she makes sure I follow the directions. We are the girls in a family of boys and although I know there are days she wishes she weren't so very outnumbered, I relish the special quality our relationship has and will continue to have throughout the years.

She's my daughter. I love her. So very much.


  1. Hooray for reading!!! I read the little house series on my own. And really loved it. I do remember my mom asking me if I had any questions and reminding me where the dictionary was if I needed to look up a word.