Monday, December 22, 2014

The random beauty of Christmas memories

On Sunday we drove into Denver after church to spend the day with my mom and Keith. We had brunch, made and decorated sugar cookies, celebrated their December birthdays, and visited the Denver Botanic Gardens for the stunning and magical light display. It was a really terrific day and I am thrilled to live about 50 minutes from my mom to share more of the day to day parts of life together.
Making nana's famous sugar cookies

learning the technique of rolling the dough

zombie face to match his zombie cookie

time to frost the cookies

Audrey and I share our masterpieces

Celebrating Nana and Babu's December birthdays
walking through Denver Botanic Gardens

Special memories made with mom/nana

I just love this one-everyone doing their thing.

We left the Gardens at about 7 for the drive back to Evergreen. It was 45 degrees when we left the city and started the gorgeous drive up the mountain to our little town. By the time we hit Evergreen it was 31 degrees and snowing and we were, once again, so thrilled with our decision to live in this little mountain town we are growing to love so much.

Here's the thing about a 45 minute drive with our children. The three oldest kids can handle hours upon hours in the car with nary a peep. On the other hand, if Asher is in the car for over five minutes, or sometimes five seconds, he wants entertainment. And by entertainment he means music. And by music he means his mama singing. If I am singing, he is quiet. If it stop, even just to take a prolonged breath or grab a sip of water to wet my whistle, I hear the persistent chirp of, "mama, mama, mama" until I resume singing. The radio, CD, book on tape doesn't cut it. He wants human voice.

So, I sing. And I often have a lovely little chorus joining me. They know that singing is better than the noisy alternative.

We drove home from Denver last night and Asher requested music. We took turns choosing Christmas songs and belted them out, sometimes in tune, sometimes operatic, sometimes giggly, always fun. Well, except for when we started to sing "Let It Go," which is akin to Elliot's cryptonite. He picked a different song and all was well.

We realized we know very few words to Frosty the Snowman, but we really excel at thumpety thump thump-ing. We bring it for that part. We all enjoy a nice falsetto voice while Jim brings the bass. We love a big finish, including jazz hands. We were reminded that laughter is lovely accompaniment to any song.

Asher conducted us from his carseat, twirling his arms and bobbing his head. Happy. Quiet. Joyful. Loved and loving.

It is my favorite memory of the season so far. And really, nothing happened. But everything happened. I just love how life does that.

Happy, Gentle, Beautiful, Memory-making Christmas to you. What's your favorite memory so far?

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  1. I love holiday memories! I think my memories of baking cookies when I was little are my absolute favorite :) Have a very Merry Christmas!