Thursday, January 15, 2015

Minnesota, here we come!

Today I am willingly doing two things that most people would rather never do in their entire lifetime, much less in one day.

Dramatic much? Why yes, thank you.

First, I am choosing to fly with a toddler. As an aside, it pains me to write toddler. He is my baby. Always will be. Just like those three other big kids who are my babies. But this littlest one especially. Alas, toddler.

Second, I am flying to Minnesota in January. Back in our Omaha days, I was lonely and borderline miserable and I needed something to look forward to. Minnesota in January was that thing. I could get a flight using very few of Jim's points because, as previously mentioned, people just don't go to Minnesota, land of frozen tundra and deadly windchills, in January. Except me. Because my family and friends are there so away we go!

Let's just say I'm not bringing any books on the flight. At least not any books that don't have lift the flap pages or fuzzy bears or words to sing. Well, I am sneaking Little Women in my purse on the off-chance that Asher naps during the flight. Ha. I crack myself up just thinking that might happen.

Actually, we are hitting this flight at a really good time. When I booked the flight I was scared. Asher didn't like sitting for any amount of time beyond nursing and eating. Now he sits through church, which is a joyous miracle unto itself. He sits and listens to piles of books. So, I'm cautiously hopeful this will go alright and I won't make any lifelong enemies in the people sitting around us on the flight. The bag is packed with snacks, toys, and a few new books.

So, yes, I'm leaving on a jet plane. It's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds, but here we go!

P.S. I'll miss these kiddos something fierce. Our Monday reunion will be spectacular!

I know it's only Thursday, but I'm in weekend mode. Do you have any plans?


  1. Heck yes! have a great trip home. I think it'll be easier to do just you, sometimes extra helping hands aren't so helpful. Also, its a beautiful 20 degrees today, and feels so nice!

  2. Have a good trip! We've warmed it up for you, no more negatives temps for a bit :)