Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nerd Alert.

I love books.
See what I did there. Love. Books.
I may have mentioned that once or twice before. I am currently reading a few books on my own, plus one chapter book for each kid over the age of two. Reading makes me happy, relaxes me, heals me, teaches me, transports me, challenges me, and helps me see life from another perspective. Wow. Pretty sure I couldn't sound nerdier if I tried, so I'll just leave you to ponder that while I run out to purchase a new pocket protector since my old one got broken in my latest beat-down by the school bully.

But really, there are a few things that recharge me when I'm feeling tired or cranky or anxious and reading is one of them. It's also mostly free, excepting those pesky late fees that I managed to compile over the holidays when getting to the library to return books just didn't make it onto the to-do list as often as it should have.
I will finish up two of my books shortly and then I told the kids that they could each pick one of their favorite books for me to read. Two of the three thought about their selection and Elliot just shouted, "Droon," because that is his current book series obsession. As in, we were watching a movie with all the cousins on New Year's Eve and he sat on the couch and read a book. Bless that boy of mine. I will read the first in the series, which will be torturous, but I will suffer through since he was so happy I was reading one of his favorite books. Then we will discuss it for ages since discussing Droon is almost as exciting as reading Droon. Obsessed.

Audrey decided I should read one she recently finished called What the Moon Said by Gail Rosengren. She has been reading a bit more historical fiction lately and is also interested in books about families that move. Hmmm. I'm no therapist, but I think she might be trying to work through something here. She reads and we talk about it and I hope it helps her work through whatever needs working. She assures me I will absolutely love this book and I believe her.

Isaac chose an adventure book called North by Donna Jo Napoli about a boy who heads to the Arctic Circle to escape the life he lives. He is all about biographies, adventure, Greek Mythology, and strong characters so I'm interested to read this book to see what captured his interest.

As the kids get older, we continue to share books, but they also read lots of books on their own. I like to have them recommend a book every now and again so we can discuss it and so I can keep track of their interests.
2013-sharing books with my Elliot as he uses his baby brother (in my belly) as a pillow

I always have the goal of 52 books per year. This includes the books I read on my own and the chapter books I read with each big kid before bed, but does not include picture books. I came across this Reading Challenge online and I think it looks like a really fun one. Although my One Word is Order, I'm not going to go all crazy and follow this to a t. Instead I'll use it as a guide and cross off as many as I can or reference it when I'm in a reading rut. (This is me not adding unnecessary stress to my life by giving myself an unnecessary goal to reach. I'd actually like reading to remain fun and not feel like another job.) I share it with you in case you are a bibliophile like myself and would like some new ideas on books to read. If it's going to stress you out, forget it. If it sounds like fun, let's read together.

So far I've done book by someone younger than 30 and I'm working on funny book now. I recommend Hope Runs to everyone who loves inspiring stories and seeing the goodness in humanity again. I recommend Hyperbole and a Half to people who don't mind copious amounts of swear words and biting humor. Don't say I didn't warn you! These are books I'd already started reading when I came across the list and they just happened to fit in. Hey, I just looked again. Isaac's and my current Harry Potter book has more than 500 pages and Anne of Windy Poplars. which Audrey and I just finished, has been made into a movie. Hooray!

So, if you're a reader and this will add zero stress to your life, join the reading challenge fun. Are you in?

What are you currently reading? And what book do I just HAVE to read in 2015? It can be classic, new, or something in between.


  1. Oh my gosh, if you're daughter is into historical fiction...try to find the "royal diaries" I love the series as a child (each book is a different person/time period) and there were also civil war and revolutionary war ones that I liked.

    As for reading for you....I'm trying to get into the boys in the boat, but took a break to re-read gone with the wind. I'm also doing the she reads truth 365 bible, I'm 1% done!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Droon here. I'm guessing my daughter will love it, and me too. A couple she's reading or read that your kids may like - The Books of Elsewhere by Jacquline West, she's on book 3. Also just finished the last of the Aliens on Vacation series. Funny one about a grandma who runs a B&B for vacationing aliens and the middle school age grandson goes to help. Lots of good middle school humor. Also can't forget the Percy Jackson series. She's on book 3 of the second set of 5.