Friday, February 27, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday

This was a weird week for us. Boys had co-op on Monday, Jim and the big kids skied on Tuesday, Audrey had co-op on Wednesday, and here it is Friday. Add in about one foot of snow, another rejected house offer, and lots of extra schoolwork on the days the kids were home, plus some in the car schooling on the ski day, and we are ready for the weekend. Here are five random things because my brain is fried.

1-French Braid.
I french braided all of Audrey's hair for the first time last night. I have done partial braids and the cute kind she loves that goes along her hairline from one ear to the other. I took it to the next level last night with a top to bottom french braid and it confirmed my hypothesis that if God intended for us to french braid, we would have eight arms and octopi would be stuck with only two tentacles. Seriously. How do those pinterest hairdos happen? Are they called hairdos anymore? Is it really 14 people getting together to do someone's hair and then one person takes all of the credit? These are the questions that keep me up late at night. And by late I mean 9:30. Yaaaawwwwwnnnnn.
Pinterest, showing off again.
2-Soup swap.
I have professed my love for soup on this blog before. I am a cold weather soup person only. Don't try to feed it to me during the summer, but during the winter I would gladly eat it multiple times each day. So warm and hearty and good for the body and soul. Therefore, you can imagine my delight when I saw this blog post about a soup swap. Doesn't this sound wonderful? Now if only I had friends nearby to do this. Eventually. Must put make friends on my to-do list.

I received lots of support and love when I wrote about my less than stellar return to skiing here. Well, this week I'm going back for more. My mom is coming over to watch Asher boy while the rest of us hit the slopes. This time Jim, my talented skier of a husband, is going to be my personal coach. I'll keep you posted.

Isaac's writing curriculum is pretty intense, but he is up for the challenge. I love watching it push him and see him try to pull back, but eventually get it. He is learning about the different ways to describe a person beyond just physical appearance. His assignment for today was to take what he's learned so far this week and describe a person in our family. He chose Asher and this is what he came up with. . .

My eighteen month old brother Asher has blond hair so crazy it looks like he just got electrocuted. That is because he loves running through blankets. His favorite game is to have us (me, Audrey, or Elliot) hold a blanket in the air like a curtain and he runs through it. One of his favorite things to do is throw balls (which he calls ball-balls) all over the place. Another thing he loves to do is carry TV remotes wherever he feels like going.

He is the goofiest baby that I have ever known and when he dances (which he calls DAN DAN DAN) he rocks back and forth adn shakes his hands and yells DAN DAN DAN at the top of his lungs. It is hilarious. He usually wears wunzies and pants with socks that are very tight on his very chubby ankles. If you ask anyone who knows him how he sleeps they will always answer, "He is the worst sleeper that I have ever had the privilege of knowing."

He has a crazed laugh and smile that he always does when he is dancing. He does what we call man-burps sometimes and we (Audrey, Elliot, and I) always crack up with laughter.

FYI: He nailed it! (yes, a few grammar issues, but the lesson was on describing people and he got it.)
I mustache you a question. . . 

do you think my brother is adorable?

5-Date night.
I gave Jim the gift of one date/month for Christmas and we are cashing in on our February date this weekend. We're going to see my friend perform improv. Technically other people will also perform, but it's probably kind of like watching my kids in a musical. . . what? Other people's kids are in this? You had me at adult conversation, laughter, and time with my husband. Then my mom took it to the next level and said she'd bring dinner so now I don't even have to make dinner or wash dishes. Wow. I just realized how little it takes to delight me.

That's a wrap.

Happy weekend. What are your plans?



  1. I'm so happy your mom can pop over with dinner and watch the kids - how awesome is that. All that other stuff is great too of course..but seriously, that's awesome.My sister is coming to visit for our weekend plans with my niece and nephew. Now that our kids are older (and busier) they get to hang out like this probably once a year so we are all SOOOOO excited. I've already called to see when she's leaving!!

    1. Fuuuunnnnn! I really hate that we moved so far away from cousins because cousin time is so wonderful. But, having nana and babu close enough for babysitting for date night and ski days is a major perk. Have fun with your family this weekend!

  2. Yay!!! Sounds like a lot of good things coming up! I haven't decided my weekend plans yet. I originally wanted to go to the cities but without a good reason (other than a free fitness class) I can't quite justify the 2 hour drive since I'll be leaving town again next Saturday.

  3. I need to learn how to braid my little girls hair!! I remember my mom would always have my hair braided
    Happy weekend!!
    Chelsea @

  4. OMG laughing outloud with your 9:30 YAWN comment. So true! And yes, I have no idea how moms do it! I can't braid my own darn hair, much less by the time for school! And totally how true it is that you appreciate the little things so much! Nothing like a date night!