Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Ants Go Marching One by One

I don't know if this will matter to anyone else, but it is a day I want to remember for its simple goodness. I want to be more aware of these little happy days that make up a life.

Tuesday tried to stink. It really did. That's what happens when the baby wakes up at 5 am and the mama can't get back to sleep. That would be fine and dandy because 5 isn't that early, but I sat in bed and wrote some items in my planner (yes, paper planner. I'm old school). That would also be fine and dandy, but apparently I didn't put the cover on my pen when I rolled over to read for a while. About 30 minutes later I sat up to see blue ink spots on my cream colored sheets. That isn't a huge deal since we have extra matching sheets, but then I saw blue spots on our cream colored comforter also. Surprisingly, we do not have an extra comforter. What is NOT surprising is that laundry is not one of my strong suits. (What? you say. The domestic goddess known as DeNae does not excel at laundry? Impossible!) Into the washing machine it went with fingers crossed. (FYI: stain didn't come out. I really am pathetic at homey things. Crud.)

Jim took the three big kids skiing today so I took advantage of having only one child at home to head down the hill (that's what people here say when they're heading to "town") to get my CO driver's license. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this sarcastic little remark:

I'm putting on a touch of make-up before going to the DMV for my new driver's license to ensure that no police officer will recognize me if I get pulled over. I thought about blow drying my hair, too, but that would have been too much glamour for one little Tuesday.

Well, let's just say I'm glad I didn't blowdry my hair. First, let's talk about an 18-month-old waiting in the DMV office for 50 minutes. We read books. We drove toy cars. We walked up and down the aisles. We smiled and said hi to strangers who like adorable little boys. Then, when all of that got boring, he looked for other ways to entertain himself. If you know children, you know this is about to get bad.

He tried to go and stand in front of the entrance door with his face smashed up against it. Then he tried to find the wettest spot on the floor to sit in. To make it really festive, this particular DMV had floor to ceiling windows covered with aluminum blinds. Asher accidentally bumped them and realized they made a really fun noise. Game On! His new mission in life was to swipe at noisy blinds and my mission in life was to keep him from trashing the blinds and making that annoying noise. I did what any sane mother would do. I brought him over to the door so he could press his face against it and sit in shoe slush. Judge away, but it was the only thing, except for the obviously exciting blinds, that would entertain him!

Finally, FINALLY, they called my name. I brought my baby, my MN license, my money, and my proof of address up to the counter. We started the process and all was going swimmingly until we got to the social security part of the equation. They said my name didn't match that number. It's a long story and, no, it doesn't involve me being on the lam from the law and, no, it doesn't involve witness protection program. It just involves me changing my last name about seven years after I got married and not notifying all of the proper agencies. It hasn't been an issue until today, when my baby and I had been at the DMV for an hour now and would have to leave empty-handed.

The DMV is a bummer of a joint on a good day. This was not a good day. Another day I get to go to the social security office and let them know that I am me and then take their paperwork along with my other paperwork back to wait at the DMV for my license. I have already informed Jim that on that day I will have zero children and one book with me.

So, Tuesday didn't start off so great. Or so it would seem. But really, Asher was great at the DMV, all things considered. He made friends and didn't make a fuss and that's a win for me. And then I drove home and there was over a foot of snow and the blue sky shone beautifully over the snow-topped trees and snow-capped mountains all around me. I drove my little mountain roads back to my little mountain town while I sang loud and proud with my baby and I got a happy little tickle in my soul because I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Asher and I took advantage of the 1:1 kid to parent ratio and went to baby storytime at the library for the first time. He loved it. He clapped and waved and swung to the music and looked at the other little people like they were aliens. It was so fun. I'm going to try to incorporate it into our week by having the kids pack up work they can do independently at the library while Asher and I sing and dance with the other babies and toddlers.

We came home for lunch and nap. I used naptime to get soup ingredients chopped and cooking, to make the grocery list, and to fold some laundry. Exciting? No, but it was pretty sweet to have some uninterrupted time to get stuff done.

Asher woke up for snack, then we played for a bit and took advantage of our beautiful day by going for a walk.

I pushed Asher in the stroller for a while. He looked for vroom vrooms (cars) and listened for tweet tweets (birds). He looked up and said, "moom" when he saw the white crescent against the bright blue sky. We heard airplanes and looked for woof woofs.

There is a spot about halfway down our little mountain that offers majestic views of a white-capped mountain. Since I had my camera I took a few pictures. Seriously. We live here!

Once we got closer to home Asher got out. We held hands and I sang "The ants go marching one by one." My heart was so full. I was relishing this gift of another toddler with whom to walk and explore and discover. Another chance to sing The Ants go Marching One by One and make up silly rhyming words. Once we were close to home and on a stretch of road that rarely has cars, I let go of his hand and he zoomed ahead and looked back at me, proud and big and beautiful. He laughed and smiled with all of his little being.

It was another of my favorite moments in one of my favorite days where nothing really happens, but everything happens.

Then we came home and Asher ate "nack," his current obsession being unsalted cashews, and made silly faces at me. Then he pulled out all of the games with spinners and went for "theeeee!"

The skiing kids came home tired and hungry and full of stories. Asher greeted them with squeals and requests to be pulled around in his laundry basket chariot. Now teeth have been brushed, books have been read, prayers have been said, and kids are snuggled in for a good night's sleep. Well, 3/4 of them are. We never know what the wild card will throw our way.

Tuesday didn't turn out so badly after all.

When our family did small group bible study back in MN, we started each week with each person going through and saying a high and a low. My Tuesday low was DMV and my high was my walk with Asher. What's your high and low from the past few days? 


  1. I had the same thing happen when I went to get a new drivers license here a few years ago (I never got a new social security card after I got married). They told me that with new heightened national security your name has to match exactly on every government issued document, or they won't issue you any new ones. (That would have been nice to know ahead of time!) Then I panicked realizing I had to fly a week later, and couldn't fly without a valid drivers license… until I remembered I had a passport. Phew.

    So I had to do the same thing, take my marriage license (and other specific forms of identification) to some government office, apply for a new SS card, wait for that to arrive, then go back to the DMV to get a new license. Ugh.
    Would it surprise you that it's been almost 3 years since we moved, and I've yet to go back to have my address changed on my drivers license? ;)

  2. Monday was a high with no lows that I can think of - score! Yesterday was somewhat of a low in that I had no energy to do much of anything - I hate that feeling!! It did have a high point, however. My sister from Minnesota just called to say hi and we had a wonderful chat! Thanks for sharing your Tuesday with Asher. It gives me a warm feeling all over! Love to all of you!

  3. Love it!!! My low was trying to get my brother to lay down last night, he cuddled with me but was insisting on multiple stuffed animals, which I was not going to get. My high was last night at dinner when he just wanted me to sit by him, not across the table, but right next to.

  4. I'm laughing at your SS office thing. Shane's birthday got changed by the SS administration years ago and I found out when I filed our taxes and they rejected. They told me he changed his birthday - ummm I'm pretty sure you don't change your birthday. So something in their system caused the issue. They recommended I come in and fix it so we could file taxes - being the crafty lady I am I just asked what his new birthday was....and have been filing our taxes that way ever since. I shouldn't even admit this on a public forum. We've gone to the SS once to fix it, they said we had the wrong stuff (after confirming over the phone that we were bringing the right stuff) with so maybe in another 10 years we'll try again.

  5. Agggh, going to the DMV office is ALWAYS such a nightmare - especially when name changes & new state are involved! If it makes you feel better, I was TOO on top of my game when I got married and because I changed my last name before getting an ID with my old last name in the new state, that caused a whole set of other problems. :p Pretty sure you can't win either way!