Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day, revisited

Yes, I realize that Valentine's Day was an entire week ago and that all of the bloggers in all of blog-land have waxed poetic on their lovely V-Day adventures. As usual, I'm a little late to the party.

Here's the truth. We are not Valentine's Day people. And I'm not going to say we aren't V-Day people and then tell you all the ways we celebrated. I'm going to tell you that Jim and I did not exchange nary a card or a gift, the kids got no candy in a cute little heart shaped box or a sweet little stuffed animal, and we didn't go anywhere.

So obviously we don't love each other.

That's a joke.

We shared breakfast together. I seem to recall it was either omelettes or pancakes. Neither were heart shaped. We laughed. We told stories. Then we cleaned up the house. I bet people played Clash of Clans. Lunch was eaten. A safe guess is leftovers or sandwiches. The kids had nap/quiet time before we headed to one of our favorite spots to explore so I could go for a 7-mile run and Jim and the kids could hike and explore along the creek and up the rocks. We had spicy thai noodles for dinner and they were delicious. We read books and then we prayed and sang songs and said goodnight.

It was a nice little day. We said Happy Valentine's Day and hugged each other and enjoyed time together. The kids probably argued a bit. I probably sighed with annoyance or raised my voice. I bet Asher slept terribly. Jim probably got annoyed. It was a day. And we loved each other like we do. Like we did that day and like we have every day before and every day since.

Two highlights.

Highlight #1: We put the kids to bed and Jim and I snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie. If you knew where we've been as a couple, you'd know this is huge. We were just happy to be together. It was nice.

Highlight #2: Audrey had been hiding out in her room after reading hour each day working on a top secret craft mission. Well, she couldn't completely contain herself so she told us she was working on Valentine's for the family. During breakfast she ran down to her room and brought them up to us. Cue tears. Her heart is just so big. She is so full of love and kindness and creativity.
Construction paper heart professing her love.

Dollar bill wrapped up in a baggie, taped to the back, and covered with a sweet poem that reads:
little gift
open and see.
to you
and from me.

She gave one to each of us with her own money. My heart still swells up at the thought of it. Of her down in her room cutting and writing and and folding up her dollar bills and loving us.

So, we had a Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you did, too. I hope today was top notch as well.

Are you Valentine's people? Did you celebrate big or lay low?


  1. That is adorable! I'm not a big valentines day person, when I've been in a relationship I've generally gone out to dinner before the actual day to avoid crowds, and spent the actual day relaxing together at home. This year I bought my mom a caribou coffee gift card (and she gifted me the same as a coincidence) I gave my dad peanut butter m&ms which is also what my mom gave him (he always has a bag in his bedside drawer, so now he's stocked for a few months...unless my brother or I break into his stash. My brother got a couple treats from my trip, which I haven't wrapped up for him yet, its better to dole out gifts slowly for him.

    1. Sounds like a great and low-key day of showing love. And I"m with you. We NEVER go out on Valentine's Day. It's too busy and expensive and there's so much pressure to be all lovey dovey. No thanks!