Sunday, February 22, 2015

What fourth children don't get

They don't get baby massages before bedtime

They don't get set nap and bedtimes.

They don't get mama's and dada's undivided attention.

They don't get up-to-date baby books.

They don't get timely well-baby visits.

They just don't.

They do get sisters who check out board books to read to them before bed.

They get brothers who, when told I was pregnant, say, "I never thought I'd be a big brother. I just never thought I'd be a big brother!"

They get brothers who lay on the floor so they can sit on his back to play bumpa-da-bump.

They get experienced, more laid back parents.

They get many, maaaaaannnnnyyyyy games of Little League Baseball.

They get family road trips and vacations.

They get lots of homeschool lessons.

They get love. So very much love.

They just do.

Asher is 18 months old today. Inconceivable. Impossible. Perfectly wonderful. He talks up a storm. He runs. He climbs up on chairs and spins the Game of Life spinner and throws his hands in the air and shouts, "Three!" which sounds more like theeee.

He laughs that unfettered belly laugh. He smiles with his whole body. He eats everything and especially loves apples and kale chips and raw green beans and homemade pizza. When he gets hungry he asks for "nack." (snack) He nurses and asks for "mip" (milk) every so often throughout the day. He sleeps like a train wreck. He worries about his siblings when they are hurt or sad and runs to them to give hugs. He loves his siblings, aka I-I, Audy, and Ot. He dances. He tolerates car rides much better these days. He likes to run through blankets and crawl under bridges. He loves deer and books and music and food. Not necessarily in that order. He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy and lives happy in between. Unless he can't get his hands on his mama when he wants her. Or if his siblings are playing and he can't join in on the fun. Those are game changers. He likes hiking and tries to keep up with his siblings in everything.

He is a delight. Jim and I had forgotten the joyous fun of one-year-olds. Don't get me wrong; they're a lot of work, but, goodness, everyone should always have a one-year-old around to remind them of how wondrous life is. That laughter is contagious. That the world is full of curious and beautiful mysteries. That hugs solve a lot of problems.

Asher means happy, blessed, fortunate. That describes his family. We are so fortunate to have our baby cuatro in our lives.


  1. How absolutely precious! I love having Ramsee so close - it's the gift of a one-year-old - her laugh, her smile, her joy of life's little treasures that makes life so worthwhile!

    1. Yes, one year olds are just a delight. How fortunate that you are able to spend so much time with Ramsee.