Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adulthood: Sooooooo overrated!

These pictures are speaking  my language right now.
Am I the only one who wakes up some mornings or gets a round of bad news and just wants to snuggle back under the covers and ignore the world for a bit, giving it time for the dust to settle.

But, there's kids to love on and school to teach, baseball practices to attend and life to live!

So, goggles on. Floaties in place. Swim noodle affixed around waist. Time to keep swimming.

What's your favorite "I'm done being a grown-up" activity? Coloring? Fort building? Snowball fight? Margarita? I'm open to suggestions! 


  1. Binge watching TV - I'm so thankful to the inventors of netflix and hulu

  2. Pretty sure a BRF run followed by margaritas or mojitos would make us both feel better.

  3. I colored three pictures on Sunday night and it was a darn good time. Mind you after I finished one my brother stole it and scribbled over the entire thing....but thankfully I've learned to find that cute.

  4. Love the first picture! I saw it on Facebook a few days ago and think it's so cute. I'd say coloring.

  5. My favorite "I'm done being a grown-up" activity is coloring, World of Puzzles magazine, jigsaw puzzles, and dot-to-dots! I think "I'm done being a grown-up" is why I direct the summer daycare at Zion Lutheran. I'm an adult but I get to do lots of "kid" stuff, too - best of both worlds!