Monday, March 16, 2015

The hard thing

A few weeks ago I had a dream. I was taking a swimming lesson and I was the only adult in the group. I was all geared up in my swimsuit and walked into the pool holding the hands of the little kids in the swim class with me. As I entered the pool area, my new pastor, Vera, was already in the water leading another swim lesson, again all little kids, that was just finishing up. She looked up, saw me, and asked, "Do you have your goggles, DeNae?" I told her that I did not and she replied, "You might want them because the water's going to get really rough."

How's that for a sneak peek at my life. Folks, the water is currently rough. We are staying afloat, but the stress is building, trying to sink us from all angles.

We put our house on the market to move from Minnesota to Colorado and thought that selling our house would be the hard part. We dropped the price a few times and finally accepted an offer after what felt like an eternity (probably due to the fact that we had over 40 showings and we have four kids), but was actually at the average for days on market. It was hard. In fact, we thought it would be the hardest piece of the moving puzzle.

Then we spent seven weeks in Omaha where we never really felt at home because it wasn't really home. We were there too long for it to be a vacation and not long enough to feel at all settled. It was hard. In fact, we changed our minds and thought that would be the hardest piece of the moving puzzle.

Now we are home. We love Colorado and the kids are in a co-op and starting their spring sports. We have a new church home and are meeting more people and love the mountains and the skiing and the proximity to my mom and Keith and on and on the list goes. Unfortunately, it appears we are not the only people who love it here.

The housing market has reached a panicked frenzy. I have explained it this way: Imagine a koi pond at the zoo just after a child throws a handful of food into it. It's that crazy here. We have been at showings where there are 8 other realtors and families looking at the same time. All houses we look at get at least four offers in two days and usually at least one is cash and at least one is $20,000 over asking price.

The freaky, sad, really stressful reality is that we have less than two months to find a place to live because our lease is up. We cannot extend our current lease for a multitude of reasons and the rental market is even tighter than the housing market.


We are doing everything we can. We are trusting the wise words of my grandma who said that God got us this far and won't leave us stranded. We are also feeling the pressure rise because we are humans who have four small people relying on us to keep them safe and protected and in a home. And, good grief, we are trying. Repeatedly we are trying, but we just can't compete in this market.


In a weird way, I'm just hoping this is actually the hard thing, not just another thing we think is the hard thing that turns out to be not such a big deal. I kind of need this to be the big deal.

I am breaking each day down into little pieces of what I can control and what I can't control and I'm trying to throw the can't control stuff out the window. I cannot control when people put their houses on the market. I cannot control if they accept our offers. I can control how I respond to my disappointment. I can control the steps I take to find a place to live. Sometimes I succeed and other times I lock the bathroom door to cry. Stress. Gotta love it.

I'm sorry this is all I can write about. It's pretty much all I can think about, too. I guess I should have grabbed those goggles. The water sure is rough.

Here's to breaking up with stress and making it through the hardest part, whatever that part is for you right now.


  1. It will come, it will come, but oh it would be wonderful if it came faster.

    1. Thanks, Katie. I know it'll work out somehow.

  2. Oh my goodness, that does sound stressful! I hope you guys are able to get a house soon!