Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When a weight is lifted.

On Saturday we made an offer on a house. The owner made a counter-offer and we signed the paperwork for it on Monday morning. This was our eighth offer on a home since the beginning of January. It has been a long road that has weighed on all of us.

And just like that my child who had been carrying the stress of all of these question marks around like a 10-ton brick ran along the beautiful little lake in our town screaming, "We have a house! The sun is shining! The water isn't even that cold! We're going to get ice scream! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!"

And that about sums it up.

We have the inspection coming up this week and then the appraisal and then the closing in a month. We're praying all goes smoothly. We're thankful for the chance to buy a home we've loved for a while now. We're excited to get settled, really settled, with pictures and paint colors we love on walls and boxes unpacked and a neighborhood that is ours with friends we are excited about meeting.

We're just really, really excited!
like this excited!

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  1. HOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so happy for you guys! While its not quite a guarantee, I'm glad you've been accepted! They like you, they really like you!