Monday, March 2, 2015

Winning at weekending

This is a post the likes of which you may never see on this blog again. Ever. Usually my weekends involve a run or two, some board games, baking, school planning, cleaning. By no means bad, that list doesn't exactly scream weekend fun.

This weekend I made up for it big time!

Friday night something happened. I can't remember. There was an early bedtime and a 4:30 am wake up call courtesy of my favorite 18 month old. Jim worked in the morning on Saturday and the kids and I cleaned up the house and brought Isaac to baseball practice. Yes, baseball starts in February in Colorado. I guess they like to pretend that March and April aren't the snowiest months here. We'll play along.

Jim got done with work in time to bring Isaac home and then we waited for my mom to arrive. She came over to watch the kids while Jim and I went on a date. As in leave the house with no children to go and do adult things. To be clear, this is momentous. We were pumped! We have been married for 17 years, which is absolutely impossible, but true. Since having children we are awful, terrible, bad at date nights. We are committed to changing that because. . . . .

My mom sweetened the deal by offering to pick up dinner for the kids so I wouldn't have to cook. Then when she arrived she had blown the lid off of the deal by also bringing homemade pasta sauce and roasted veggies so we didn't have to cook dinner the next night. That mom o'mine is good stuff!

OK, back to date night. We got ready and headed in to Denver to eat at Osteria Marco. We're so out of the loop that we had no idea that it was Restaurant Week in Denver so the place was packed. We were told we could stand near the bar and snare any bar stools that opened up, but that they were full with reservations for the next hour and a half. We waited and contemplated going elsewhere, but came to the conclusion that all of the restaurants would be that busy. Thankfully a couple left and we tried to look nonchalant as we bolted to take the bar stools. We're so cool!

After a delicious dinner and my first ever Moscow Mule served in the cutest little copper cup, deeeeelicious!, we walked over to the Bovine Metropolis Theater to watch a high school friend perform in Denver's Next Improv Star. (She's totally going to win!) Can I tell you how cool it is to see a friend living a dream? She's been talking about comedy since we were in high school and now she's doing it. It is so absolutely wonderful. Jim and I laughed like crazy and tried to guess who would be kicked off and I came to the conclusion that I could totally judge it because I was right on. (kidding.) I also came to the conclusion that I would love to take an improv class, but I don't think I'll ever have the guts to do it. (not kidding.)

It was a fun night and I didn't take one darn picture because Jim would divorce me if I ever tried to take a picture of anything I ate or a couple's selfie in front of a venue. Plus I don't have a good phone and I didn't bring my camera and it feels weird enough writing about my weekend, much less posting pictures of a salad and a moscow mule.

We were just leaving the comedy club when my mom texted to say, "Asher is up and he's not happy." So, of course, I started lactating. I mean, what else can a mama do when she's 40 minutes away from her crying baby? We hustled home as quickly as we could and she had him calmed down by then. What a good nana!

Thus ends Saturday.

My mom stayed overnight so that the five of us, sans Asher, could go on a ski day. This was my chance to try skiing again after my sketchy attempt a few weeks ago. Since Asher was at home, Jim could stick with me and be my coach.

We stopped to pick up my rental skis and I had to circle whether I was a 1, 2, or 3 level. I joked that I needed the one lower than 1. That they needed a spot that said, "Snowplowed down the hill crying." They thought I was kidding. Nope! Thankfully I have a different story this time.

I started on the teeny little hill that the 1 year olds learn on. Yep. No pride here, folks. The name of the game was getting comfortable slowly. I did one quick run down there and then headed to the next spot, still very level, but longer. I practiced there for a while and moved to some easy greens. And it was so fun. It was beautiful. I wasn't stressed or thinking I'd die or break my head or anything.

I attribute this to a few things.

1-Jim was very patient and made me feel comfortable.
2-It had snowed overnight and continued snowing throughout the day so the powder was fresh, meaning it was nice and slow, just my speed. The snow at Steamboat was quite icy and that makes a huge difference.
3-It turns out I had forgotten how to ski. Jim told me how to ski in one sentence and I said, "Oh, crap. I was doing it wrong."

Ooops. I guess he should have given me a verbal refresher course before I skied last time. But really, I think the biggest difference was the snow.

I will not be world class. I will stay on my teeny little flat hills when I ski until I am good and ready to try something different. We went up to a few of the harder greens and I am glad to say that I made it down without feeling nauseated OR crying (DeNae for the wiiiiinnnnnn!), but it was out of my comfort zone. I headed back to my favorite runs and I was fine for the rest of the day. It was a blast and the kids were so kind and proud of me. It was the sweetest. A smashing success, I'd say! I think Asher and I will join them in the mountains now and again and now I have many options: skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or just sitting in the lodge and enjoying the glorious scenery.

We made it home and thanked my mom one hundred times and hugged Asher one hundred times and talked about our really fun day.

What a great weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you win or are you already looking forward to next Friday for a do-over?

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